Consulting engineers Association of Indi (CEAI) , the apex body of consulting engineers in the country is organising a webinar on ‘Digitalisation of engineering on December 18, 2020 as part of its 60 years of service .

“Automation and digitalisation, both of production and of business processes, can no longer be regarded as ‘nice to have’ innovations, they will be central to many firms’ survival. Digitalisation is at the heart of all these strategies as it will make the impossible affordable and ensure the prosperity and future of the Indian manufacturing and consequently the country’s economy.” Said Mr Amit Sharma, ,MD, Tata consultancy engineering Limited while speaking at the webinar.

“With digitalisation taking grip of the engineering sector, today’s engineers need to be all-rounders. They are expected to meet customer requirements that are changing all the time and must be able to quickly and accurately interpret third-party designs. Mechanics, electronics and software are becoming more closely interconnected in general. What’s more, new job opportunities are opening up for IT specialists who can develop new 3D engineering software solutions. Engineers will have to take on additional coordination tasks in the future and thus assume a project management role in certain areas.” Said Mr Sharma.

“Tata consultancy engineering with the help of digital advance technologies including drones, 3D laser scans, and advanced computer applications has been able to finish major projects worldwide before time and below the estimated cost” said Mr Sharma.

“digitalisation in engineering  changes the way we undertake the process of design.Engineers are changing their tools from analogue to digital. They are using new technologies to provide services with greater even accuracy and scope to innovate.” Said Mr Alok Nanda, CEO GE, India Technology Centre.

“But more than using high-tech gadgets and tools, digital engineering means working in a safer environment. With the help of drones and other smart tech gadgets, engineers can avoid going to potentially dangerous and risky situations. Observations can be gathered, time spent in potentially high-risk environments is minimised and safety in design solutions created to protect workforces delivering projects.´said Mr Amitabha Ghosal President, Consulting engineers Association of India .

“At present Core IT skills are more important than having a particular specialisation. When establishing the must-have qualifications for working in a digitalised engineering sector , IT skills always come top of the list. The basic set of requirements is growing in scope and digital know-how is therefore becoming a basic prerequisite. Employees who can demonstrate appropriate training or hands-on experience have a clear-cut advantage. “MrSudheesh Narayanan , CEO Knowledge lens.

The topics that were discussed at the webinar included ‘Engineering Digitalisation and Innovation Driving Industry ‘Role of Artificial Intelligence, Niche learning for successful industry and GE Digital experience