Code of Conduct —-


In the Times of India dated April 15,2018,there was a news-report with the caption` Code of Conduct must for elected politicians too`This was the reporting of a Conclave held on 14th April by the former & serving bureaucrats of Delhi Govt.As the relations between the elected representatives & some of the senior officers in the Govt had soured of late, this panel discussion was held.It was brought out in the discussion by many participants that while there was a laid down code of conduct for civil servants when it came to dealing with elected representatives and the political executives,there existed no code for the elected representatives. They urged that having such a CODE would greatly help in ensuring mutual respect & probity in governance.

Various suggestions like having Mayor-in-Council in the governance set up were also floated, besides the urgent need for cordiality between the two ie elected representatives & the officials.

Having a code of conduct & cordiality is the` sine qua non` for any form of governance & conduct of business.One is really surprised to learn if did not exist till now? How the city has been governed till date?It is TIME this is put in place with all the well thought out provisions.It will not only benefit both the wings of governance but will improve the CITY & more relief to the citizens.

I remember addressing some MLAs from three states of India who had come to Indian Institute of Public Administration, Delhi, a few years back.


All present in the Training Programme,took keen interest,asked many questions & expressed their interest in attending more courses like the same.

All want to LEARN more. There should be well designed training modules for elected representatives & civil servants, a few of these attending,together, some of the classes too.
My personal take is, that it is a case of MUTUAL DISTRUST[sometime] & both parties also going on EGO-TRIPS from time to time.

There are some other factors,too?
Result-what happened!? An UGLY STAND OFF.
Who took the beating? Governance Apparatus of Delhi
Who suffered? DELHI CITIZENS.
But JANTA sab dekhti hai- kon kya kya kar raha hai!!!??

Vijay K. SalujaDIRECTOR
Giraffe Heroes India