Diwali Celebrations at Green towers, Sector-23, Dwarka

Diwali was celebrated in grand fashion at Green Towers apartment, sector-23 dwarka. Fifteen senior citizens from green towers, including three widows and a widower lighted the traditional diwali lamp in turn, symbolizing the transition from darkness to light.
Speaking on the occasion Mrs Cicily Kodiyan the organizer of the programme mentioned that senior citizens have worked very hard in their days to make the future bright for the younger generation. Lighting of the diwali lamp symbolizes the transfer of wisdom and experience from the older generation to the younger, which would wipe out ignorance from the youngsters. When the parents take interest the children can take advantage of their knowledge and experience. Senior citizens are people who have taken doctorate from the University of Life. Nowadays parents find it very difficult to protect them from all kinds of negative influences. Senior citizens can become their wards in protecting against such influences, just as a tree protects the plants around it.
The diwali function included dances, songs, speeches on diwali, instrumental music and a short play on Ramayana. The event showcased the abundant talent that is present in our neighborhood.
Twelve year old Miss Divina Sethi choreographed the western and Punjabi dance sequence herself and trained about eleven children in the age group of 5-10 years. Mrs Rashmi Gupta organized the short play on Ramayana, A mother of 3 children including a two year old, she herself wrote the dialogues for the play and trained the participants in the play everyday for 2 hours for about a week. She is an example to other housewives on how to get children involved in a positive and constructive way through cultural activities.

The programme concluded with a thank you note from the organizers and a community dinner.