Drawing, dance and singing competition organized on the occasion of Republic Day

Bienestar organisation, working towards welfare of children, has organized at Rohini, Delhi a drawing, dance and singing competition on 25.1.2015 on the occasion of Republic Day. In this competition, around 175 children participated out of which around 40 prizes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories were given by renowned persons like Sh. Hemraj Bansal, Smt. Anita Sainy, Sh. S.S. Panchi, Sh. K.C. Sethi, Sh. B.P. Bhardwaj which were judged by Smt. Kanchan Pasi, Km. Mamta Singh and Km. Pallavi. Besides winners, all the participants were given prizes for participating in the competition.

Mrs. Sangita Talwar, founder of Bienestar organisation, is teaching free classes to the poor children, has organized this competition so that the poor children can also get stage in the competitions and they won some prizes also. Besides winning prizes, they were also given other gifts for encouraging them to participate in the competitions. Mrs. Sangita Talwar has helped these children to prepare some plays like “Green Delhi, Clean Delhi” and “Save the Girl Child” which were appreciated and enjoyed by the audience.
There were people like Smt. Neha, Smt. Meenu Yadav, Smt. Bala Sangwan, Smt. Neelam, Smt. Sudha Garg, Sh. Lalit, Sh. Nand Kishore, Master Nakshatra, Master Pavitra who have helped to make this competition success. All the children and parents have enjoyed this competition a lot.

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