Rejimon C.K. and M. K. Gupta
Dwarka Forum

Long ago, William Shakespeare said “What is in the name” but he was wrong because there are many things in the name. To substantiate this, I cite the example of Dwarka Constituency which does not have any sector area of Dwarka under it but the name is Dwarka which misguides the public. Very few sectors of Dwarka come under Palam and Bijwasan constituencies and all the rest comes under Matiala Constituency. This distortion has taken place at the time of last delimitation. Now, the estimated population of Dwarka is over 6 Lakh and therefore the area has lakhs of voters while the population of Matiala and number of voters there are legible in comparison to this. Due to this, taxes collected from Dwarka are mistakenly treated as collected from Dwarka Constituency. Likewise, funds allotted in the name of Dwarka are used in other area. Some major areas under Dwarka constituency are Dabri, Dashrathpuri, Dabri Extension, Dabri Raghu Nagar, Dabri Vaishali, Dabri village and Mahavir Enclave.

Dwarkaites therefore demand that there should be an unified constituency covering all the sectors of Dwarka under the name of Dwarka by bringing to the sectors falling under Palam and Bijwasan constituencies under its fold. Till this is achieved as next Delimitation Commission will be set after many years, the immediate solution is to rename Matiala constituency as Dwarka and the existing Dwarka constituency should be given some other appropriate name based of areas it represents. This is the only way to correct this distortion.