Can A Gem Stone Change Fate?


To counteract the adverse affects of vibrations of planets, or to enhance the beneficial planetary vibrations on the human system the occultists advice the use of gem stones. A man is influenced by cosmic forces emanating from the transits of planets. The effect of planets in the form of cosmic vibrations varies on different people depending upon the strength of the natal chart.

Colour, precious gems and metals are influenced by planetary configurations and transits. It affects the all spheres of human activity like health, prestige position,happiness, financial gains, business, marital bliss and all types of human relations and social life.

Effects of a gem stone:
To enhance the beneficial cosmic vibrations
Counteract evil planetary influences

How a gem stone works:
A gemstone recoups the deficiency caused by a particular colour by transmitting that colour into the body when it transmits the cosmic rays in the required proportion to the body.

A gem stone works as a prism or a lens to reflect or receive the rays from the planets to an optimum pleasant situation on the human beings, and blessing the native with the full benefit of the cosmic vibrations.

Gems have capacity to absorb influences from the Sun and universe. Each gem focalises certain cosmic forces and directs them to us.

Colour dynamics of gems:
Colour in the form of light is the part of electromagnetic spectrum.
All electromagnetic waves are identical expect in wavelength and frequency.
All types of radiant energy travel at the same speed.
Each colour has a definite wavelength, frequency and impact force.
The waves of electromagnetic spectrum effects health, happiness comfort, lifestyle and events.

The magnetism from the human aura is constantly influenced by negative cosmic forces from malefic planetary their locations and aspects found in one’s natal horoscope and the daily/periodic transit of these planets through the zodiac.

When the protective barriers of the human aura is broken by these malefic astral forces, a proper gem stone with its positive energy can break away these evil forces which cause trouble and miseries in the life.

The counteraction is caused by the positive vibration emitted by the gem.
These positive vibrations neutralize all the forces of harmful and negative astral influences.

Precautions while wearing a gem stone:
Gems themselves do not have magical powers to change one’s destiny but helps one to overpower planetary influences and evil transits.

Only natural and gems are beneficial synthetic gems have no value for occult purpose.

Gems are used for strengthening the weakness caused by the effects of a specific malefic planet caused by its position/aspect/transits.

It may also used for strengthening the already well positioned planets.

If we strengthen the planetary effects of a specific planet too much, it may cause others problems, like if you are wearing ruby for strengthening the planetary effects of the Sun you may acquire fame, fortune independence and eloquence but you might also arouse jealousy in other.

The due result from a gem stone can be achieved only by their use of right quality, size and cutting.

The gems are crystalline in nature and have higher degree of density hence they act much faster than the cheap artificial substitutes which are mostly amorphous in nature.

Natives are advised to consult experienced astrologers for their lucky and appropriate gem stone, who will give them the right advice after analysing the correct horoscope.