Dwarka Forum met Commissioner, MCD to discuss sanitation problem

The Dwarka Forum (Regd) an umbrella organisation of RWA/CGHS of Dwarka Sub City requested a meeting with Mr. K S Mehra (IAS) met at his chamber on 9th Feb 2010.

In addition to Commissioner Mr. Anil Prakash (Director-in-Chief-DEMS), Mr. Ramesh Chand, Chief Engineer, Najafgarh Zone. Mr. K P Singh, Superintendent Engineer, Najafgarh Zone and Sanitation Superintendent Mr.Om Prakash also present as directed by Commissioner.

On behalf of Dwarka Forum Mr. Rejimon C K, President and Mr. Anoop Rohera- Governing Body Member and Clean Dwarka Initiator present.

The Agenda of the meeting was focussed on Sanitation issue of Dwarka Sub-City.

The meeting lasted for around 20 minute

The Commissioner welcomed the Dwarka Forum representative and sought cooperation and support in MCD new initiatives in improving the sanitation and clean drive. The Forum representative in addition to earlier correspondence a complete presentation of Sanitation issue presented before Commissioner.

Door to Door Garbage Collection:
Commissioner informed that MCD is going to start Door to Door Garbage collection in Dwarka. This will be mainly all CGHS societies (269) the garbage will be collected from main gates and for DDA pocket (55000 Flats) will try to collect from inside garbage bins/dhalos.

MCD officials informed that already provided new 250 bins. The DF reps informed the commissioner that this 250 is not sufficient for an area of approximately 15 KM radius and 5648 Hector Area. Dwarka Sub-City and considering the population. The Staff from zone informed they will arrange additional 150 bins. The timing of the trucks pick up also need to be streamlined based on survey and deposits by respective CGHS/Pockets.
The commissioner suggested work out with all RWA/CGHS/MTA for Deep Collection System (These will be imported system See Link )
Where the storage will be each societies, pockets and markets. The RWA/CGHS/MTA management need to identify location for the same also see the Vehicle operation to pickup.


The Commissioner asked the officials to augment the sweepers for the Dwarka requirements. For the supervisory staffs (ASI and SI) once the new promotion system approved the new staffs will be posted soon for supervising. With this Dwarka sweeping staff will be increased and also Assistant Sanitary Inspectors and Sanitary Inspectors.

Concerning Urinals:

The Commissioner ordered the NGZ staffs to install WATERLESS Urinals in Dwarka. The Staff informed that Najafgarh Zone will provide immediately two such models. The Commissioner asked staffs in coordination with Dwarka Forum and other RWA/CGHS/MTA to identify sites for the same. The Dwarka Forum already suggested few location as per letter submitted on 9th Feb 2010, approximately 40 required urgently.

Malba (Construction Waste etc):

The commissioner informed that already MCD have system where construction malba are collected and crushed and recycled in Burari. A plant in Jahangirpuri , Bhiwandi plant in collaboration with IL & FS have an output of 5 Metric Ton. In another six months more plant will be operational in Bakarwala, Gumanhera and Narela-Bawana, NGZ Zone will coordinate and dispose Dwarka originated Construction Malba. The DF provided pictures of some of the locations that received from members/residents. Meanwhile the MCD Najafgarh will remove all Construction malba from Dwarka Sub-City. The Dwarka Forum representative brought to notice the horticulture wastes such as prune tree leaves, dead leaves etc are not collected by MCD Sweepers and Garbage collection Contractors. To this commissioner told the MCD duty is to provide clean environment so all type of garbage, malba, dead leave to be collected by MCD. A large amount of construction waste is available due to

Rag Pickers: The Commissioner advised the MCD Zone official to speak to new contractors to incorporate rag picker to do sorting and take help in organised manner. The garbage segregation is not the responsibility of resident as of now.

MCD Office/Staff Rest/Attendance:

Dwarka Forum raised the issue of lack of store rooms, office space and attendance reporting for Sweepers and other staffs. The Zone staff reported that they are in the process of finalising the site for shelter for area safai karamcharies and work already initiated. DF insisted on to have proper MCD facilities for ground staffs to be productive for the same they need facilities. To this commissioner directed to ensure facilities for the sweepers and ground staffs.

Follow up: By MCD
For Door to Door Collection discuss with various CGHS/RWA/MTA to find location and pilot project. The SS/SI/ASI will ensure the Pickup will be twice in a day the contractor.
Garbage Bins: All new Garbage bins will be put identification marks with zone control room no. contractors help line numbers. Additional 150 Garbage bins to be allotted. At least 3 Bins per CGHS and 5 per DDA Pockets.
Deep Store Garbage: To find and discuss the locations for Deep Store Garbage in CGHS/RWA Pockets and Markets.
Sweepers: The MCD Najafgarh Zone, SE and CE will ensure increase the number of Sweepers for Dwarka and intimate to total numbers.
Construction of Waterless Urinal: The MCD NGZ along with Project team will install water less urinals in all sectors on priority basis. Initially two.
Construction Malba and other items : The MCD NGZ will arrange removal of all construction malba, pruned trees, leaves and other particles from all sectors, inner roads and road paths. A monthly survey and complete cleaning will be appropriate. To have long term solution The MCD NGZ in coordination with DDA will construct at least one Construction Malba disposing chamber in each sector.
MCD Staff Office/ Store Room: The MCD Najafgarh will build rest rooms and store rooms for sweepers and sanitary supervisors in each wards. The locations are MCD Schools and MCD Lands.
Follow up by Dwarka Forum:
Organise the all CGHS/RWA/MTA to properly dispose the Garbage in respective garbage bins.
Discuss and finalise with all CGHS/RWA/MTA to identify the Deep Store Garbage in their respective areas.
Discuss and finalise with all CGHS/RWA/MTA to identify more location for waterless urinals.

The Contact persons are :
Mr. Ramesh Chand, CE, MCD, NGZ : 97117788179
Mr. K P Singh, SE, MCD, NGZ : 9717788077
Mr. Om Prakash, SS, MCD, NGZ: 9212614171

Dwarka Forum:
Mr. Rejimon C K, President – 9810315897
Mr. Anoop Rohera, GB Member – 9810377442