Dwarka Forum met Sh. H S Dharamsattu, CE DDA to discuss various problem & issues in the sub-city

Mr. Dharamsattu, CE, introduced the Dwarka Forum (‘DF’) team members to his team. DF Team was lead by its President, Mr. Sushil Kumar briefed the background and DF initiatives. CE Chaired the meeting and discussed all the agenda points.

I. Immediate Priority:

Contact numbers of  DDA Officials: CE agreed to share the phone numbers of all officials with area and responsibility.

1. Roads- Issues: All Master Plan Roads (‘MPR’)/ 30/20 mtr and internal roads require repairs following severe damage during the monsoon season.

CE : The CE informed that the contract for all MPR has been awarded to agency with CRRI as third party Quality Control. The work is expected to start by end of September 2013. Engineers Responsible: Concerned EE/SWD

2. Manholes & Drain – Issues – All JE/AE be directed to inspect all Manholes / Drain Slabs on footpaths/pedestrian paths and find solutions to cover them with anti-theft materials.

CE: The CE informed that an order of Enquiry has been constituted into the matter. All the JE/AE was instructed to conduct survey and cover all the drain in timely manner.

DF Suggestion: All drains should be anti-theft proof and well protected with cement adhesive. The RCC with steel rod slabs should be replaced with stone slabs. Tested in sector 22 successfully.

Engineers Responsible: All SE/EE/AE/JE

3. Foot Path – Issues – All footpaths that are damaged or digged and restoration work not executed are to be completed in time bound manner.
DF Suggestion: The DF informed that based on RTI information received, a substantial area of Digging and Restoration work are not completed. DF suggested that there must be time frame by which each permission is granted and restoration executed.
CE: Asked all the EE to execute the pending R&R Contracts and keep the RWA of the area updated. CE will formalize a policy in this matter and also share with DF/RWA.

Engineers Responsible: All SE/EE/AE/JE

4. Silt/ Malba – Issues –Silt/ malba to be removed which are lying around on most of the roads/footpaths under DDA jurisdiction to C&D waste plant or some empty plots.

CE: Informed that as per court order the land for Malba disposal is in the process of identifying. Meanwhile, immediately after taking over the charge, he has ordered all the EE/AE/JE to clear all C&D waste. A meeting will also be organized with SDMC official for future programs in this matter.
Engineers Responsible: All EE/AE/JE & CE with SE/DC SDMC

5. Zebra Crossing – Issues – To be painted immediately

CE: Informed that immediately after the completion of dense carpeting of MPR , all the zebra crossing will be painted as per specification of UTTIPEC.
Engineers Responsible: All EE

6. Light Poles: Issues – At Signal Intersections: Immediate action to remove poles coming on the way of red light.

CE: Agreed that a number of street lights are in front of signal lights. This will be removed. In addition he also agreed lot of defacement in Dwarka. CE ordered all the EE/AE/JE to remove these boards/banners and other materials that on the footpaths, central verge and other areas under DDA jurisdiction in line with The Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 2007.
Engineers Responsible: All AE/JE Civil and Electrical Division

7. DDA Flats Repair – Issues – Repair works to be undertaken by DDA.

CE/ DF: The EE responsible for Sector 3 & 13 informed that the work is in-progress in both the Sectors.. However, the RWA representative from Sector 12 informed that the work has not even started. DF President briefed regarding Sector 14 as an example where work was awarded long time back and yet not started till date. CE informed that as per decision of LG/Chairman DDA the policy under preparation with Chief Legal Advisor for 50:50 sharing with RWA for permanent solution to this problem.
Engineers Responsible: CE / RWA/ CLA

8. Horticulture:

DF Suggestion:
1 .Plantation of trees/shrubs/hedges wherever – on all roads.
2. Proper cutting of Tree branches on central verge in front of traffic signal lights.
1. Regular cutting of shrubs/hedges on various roads and parks.
Since no representative of Horticulture was present the message will be conveyed by CE’s office to respective DD Horticulture.

DF requested CE to take part in plantation which was agreed by him.
Engineers Responsible: DF will organize another plantation programme to invite CE.

II. Electrical:

1. All MPR Street light poles to be numbered and indicate the Helpline/Contact No of DDA Division to report nonfunctioning.

CE: Informed that a MoU is under preparation with BSES for maintenance of all street lights and other services of Electrical Division.
DF Suggestions: Expressed its concern over the poor track record of BSES on existing lights under BSES especially non MPRs. DF suggested the MoU must be water tight and performance based payment with clear Meter reading system per Pole. Junction poles should be painted and should display the phone numbers of Customer Care and each pole should reflect respective id nos.
Engineers Responsible: Electrical Division

2. Non-functional street lights – A joint survey be held by DDA/BSES and respective area Beat Constable for finding nonfunctional street lights.
CE: A meeting to be fixed up with Delhi Police.
DF: Will organize the meeting with CE and DP officers.

3. Lights in Parks – The Project work of installation of Lights in Parks is at a very slow pace. This need to be fast tracked. Though there has been some progress seen recently, however, the contractor warrant period and contractors contact details are not displayed in the respective parks for RWA to contact in case nonfunctional lights. For information – the newly inaugurated lights at Sector 22- one light is not working.
CE: Informed that the work at many parks is ready but lights are not being installed considering theft perception.

III. Water :

1. Water Supply from DJB and distribution status be shared with RWA on a monthly basis.
2. Reduce the water waste from Command Tank filling and Tankers move around to supply. 90% Tankers are damaged and water spills all over the road.
3. Test all Pipes and reduce the water tanker supplies.

CE: informed that all efforts will be made the computerized issue of bills and Payment system. He also assured that once the supply improves from DJB will supply water only thru pipes. TANKERS WILL BE REMOVED.

DF raised the issue of improper rates amounting to Rs. Xx compare with NDMC, DCB, CPWD and other agencies. The CE informed this is mainly due to tanker services used.

DF argued that it is not the fault of residents of Dwarka that these charges are levied to us and why is not the same as rest of Delhi – whether supplied through pipe or tanker as other agencies are able to maintain the same rate and there is no reason or logic for DDA to charge the residents of Dwarka such higher charges.

Community Hall:

DF : Pointed out that its highly disappointing to note that that DDA has not been able to build even a single Community Hall while the land handed over to MCD 2 year back has been completed and the building got inaugurated. DF questions the inordinate delay on the part of DDA planning and implementation gap for many such projects.
CE: Asked the concerned officials to discuss with him with Files so that it can be brought on fast track.

Water Harvesting for internal roads and parks. The CE agreed to DF suggestion to implement the WH to begin with roads where RCC roads laid in Sector 6/22 Model Sectors and make WH pits in parks.

Vegetable Market: The CE will hold a meeting with Director Planning (Dwk).
CE: A separate meeting with planning is planned where in DF will also be invited for input.

IV. Long Term Issues

1. Entry / Exit Points

* All 3 ENTRY/EXIT points namely Sector 21, Palam and Dabri Mode are congested beyond imagination and the residents are having a e horrifying time dealing with traffic

Dwarka Demands:
In consultation with MuD/UTTIPEC /PWD to improve connectivity by:

– Opening up of a tunnel road to IGI- T3 (from Shahbad Muhmadpur Railway Station)
– Create a new ROB over Palam Railway Crossing or widen the existing Palam-Dwarka

Fly over
– Speed up the acquiring and completion of Dwarka Express Way connecting to Northern Peripheral Way to Gurgaon/Manesar.
CE assured that due consideration will be given. Meeting ended with vote of thanks..
Copy to: Mr. Dharamsathu, CE- Dwarka

Other General/Specific Discussion

Following issued were raised by DF Delegates

1. Pot hole repairing: Small potholes are never repaired; No regular repair mechanism in place. Repaired only after considerable wait when these grow in number & size and considerable damage is inflicted to pedestrians & vehicles for several months. Emphasize should be on REGULAR repair.

2. UTTIPEC Guidelines: There are unequivocal guidelines about following aspects concerning footpaths

a. Height of kerb stone at entry & exit points should not be more than 150 mm.
b. Footpath should be continuous and
c. It must be obstacle free

Unfortunately, NIL emphasize on this aspect in Dwarka sub-city. Most of the footpaths are not continuous. Request that engineers be advised to go through the guidelines and follow them.

3. Entry & exit points in main Markets: The entry & exit points – Needs to be more user friendly. Several small gates are required in the main market for pedestrians to cross over and enter/exit the place. As a result you may see that at several places in Sec 4 & other markets shopkeepers have placed iron staircases to cross the column (planter wall) – for people to easily enter the market. There are gates at distance and shared by both vehicles & people.

One excellent example to show the utility of small gate is existence of one such gate in front of SBI main market sector 10.

4. Sign Boards: Complete absence of regular field visit & awareness among DDA staff the menace of fixing obstructive boards is on rise. All field staff must be directed to remove any such board found on the footpaths and lodge a complaint with Delhi police under section 83 of Delhi Police act and sec 283 of IPC.

5. Mastic Carpeting: Mastic carpeting done on most of the T points, crossings, under passes, turns and bridges last year, is in dilapidated condition. The carpeting done is to provide better grip to tyres in itself requiring support and causing disturbance. A ‘quality audit’ and ‘relevance’ of such carpeting is required.

6. Digging Permissions: Perpetual problem with dug up spaces – they are never repaired. We demand that procedural bottleneck be removed immediately. And if it is found that DDA is not in a position to repair the stretches despite collecting money from other agencies, there is no need for DDA to permit digging.

7. Speed Breaker Painting: After construction – no monitoring. Danger of un-painted speed breaker can in itself cause accident. At present there is no trace of any paint on most of the speed breakers in Dwarka. Please identify the leg in process.

8. Regular Field Visit: Found grossly wanting. Zero field visit. There are several maintenance issues concerning roads, footpaths, parks, lighting which can be sorted out if there is a regular field visit by the concerned officer in-charge. Regular inspection is key for resolution and avoidance of many problems. Request you to institute such practice which seems to have been abandoned by the staff.

9. Culvert Walls: There is a culture in DDA to build culvert walls, this has been taken from PWD. But now while PWD has abandoned it DDA is still continuing it. As per order no. CE(DWK)10(25)11/ RTI/DDA/ 8568 dated 05 Oct 2011 this practice was to be discontinued but still there are examples to show that this order is being flouted. In fact there is no need to construct wall on footpath low height polls can do the job more efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

10. Parking on Footpath: Parking space crunch has led to parking on footpaths. At several places due to repeated carpeting the height of kerb stone is in line with the road level as a result people are able to park their vehicles on footpaths thereby shrinking the space meant for pedestrians. You are requested to advise all files staff to urgently fix bollards/polls on all such low height places to avoid vehicles climb footpath.

11. Old Airport Road (Ramphal Chowk): Heavy congestion on this road. Though there is sufficient space for road widening but it is not happening. This is a 2 lane road where hardly one lane is available for motors. There are stretches having very-very wide footpaths ranging upto 30-35 feet. There is no need for such extra wide footpaths; rather it is an invitation for encroachment which actually has started happening.

12. Garbage collection: There are no designated places for garbage collection in Dwarka. As a result such centers have mushroomed on road side at many places. Invariably such planned space in all the DDA pockets has been put to alternate usage. Please look into it.

13. Slip Roads: Left turning Slip roads have not been planned on many master road crossings. In one typical example where slip road was not made on crossing of sector 4-5-11-12, When questioned the intelligence of planning department – a goof up came to light that slips roads were planned but civil wing overlooked it because they claimed to have received different version of map. We believe that slip roads for left turning vehicles are required for all master plan road crossing. Request you to get this thing crossed checked from approved maps. Otherwise for immediate relief the left turning corners of footpaths can be smoothened.

14. Zebra Crossing: Everyone knows that there is heavy public movement in main markets at sector 6,10,4,5,11 & 12 but there is no planned way whereby one can cross the road to go other side of market. We request you to experience yourself and try to reach market of sec 11 from sec 4. A straight line pedestrians’ gates in the markets aligned with zebra crossing on road are required to facilitate this movement.

15. Entry gates in Main Market: Main markets – Service lanes and entry gates to these markets – age construction, full of potholes, falling plaster dry planters etc. Important market places are neglected by DDA? These public places were subject to review by one Japanese delegate in recent past. We request you to have an early morning visit of main markets particularly Sec 4 & 5 and see how shoddy work is done by DDA whether it is service lane or entry points.

16. Road Number: Dwarka was planned and now people are living here for more than one decade but still we find it difficult to describe locations because DDA has not been able to put road numbers on all the roads. Is it such a difficult task for able DDA engineers? – require your attention. The existing boards were also fixed after exchange of several RTI applications.

17. Speed Breakers: There are plenty of un-authorized speed breakers created in service lanes all across Dwarka. Point is while carpeting happens how DDA permits such breaker to exit? Needs instructions to staff about removal of such speed breakers.

18. Multi Authority: We request that all the roads in Dwarka which are with flyover division must come within your purview. This will not only help residents to follow up for the issue but would definitely help DDA as well internally.

19. Left Over: Constant problem after construction/carpeting the left overs are not removed from the site for long time. One current example is the ramp constructed to connect service road with main road in sector 12 main market even after 2 months malba not removed. Please examine how such things are going un-noticed and work completion certificates are issued.