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REJIMON C.K. with his inspiration JAGRITY
In an exclusive interview with S.S.DOGRA, Managing Editor, Dwarka Parichay, Mr. REJIMON Keshavan Chathanchirayil -Founder of Dwarka Forum spoke in detail about his forum and its functions.
Objectives: To dream of a Sub-City in its all means and make it happen. Its primary objective is to Network Residents/RWA/CGHS of Dwarka and Media. It’s primarily working on dissemination of information, encourage people to fight for the larger common cause, and generally raise awareness among residents to live as role model citizens for the rest of the colonies.
Mission of the forum is to make Dwarka an ideal township in terms of its resources, amenities and its judicious distribution among the users. We aim to make it an ideal Home for its residents if not the Best place for living as that is a subjective term that may have commercial implications making it also an abode of land-brokers and investment owners.. We know it is the biggest colony of Asia but we have to make it BEST in all terms of quality living. Now shall we define what BEST Quality of living is?
First of all cleanliness and hygienic surroundings now just in front of our homes but in all streets and avenues of dwarka which means either making the civic authorities (DDA/MCD) do a 100% job or delegate or create another body to do a 100% job. There is no substitute for 100% job done look at quality of the Delhi Cantt area or any Cantt zones of country.
A crime free zone or a no tolerance zone: Prevention and stubbing crime in its nascent stage when it is just eve teasing, pick pocketing, rowdy behaviors before it grows into a monster uncontrollable by any agency – this prevention starts from family upbringing, neighborhood civic sense etc.
Traffic management and smooth internal commuting for residents.
Smooth and productive functioning of civic offices like courts/ corporation etc.
Complete data base of its residents that means merging of the individual RWAs directories into one large server based databank. I always feel that each RWA apart from making resident directory should also include a column of his profession. This could be very useful to people living in remote sectors.
A reading room or library is various sectors/zones where peacefully people can sit and read. Adjacent toDwarka Forum-Dwarka Ki Awaj that could be a coffee house or chat room where people can debate and peacefully discuss issues under the sun.
Like this so many aspects of better living may be suggested, above are just few.
How does it work?
Riding on the communication channel of Internet, it is an online BLOGGERS’ group and has begun to shape up as the VOICE of Dwarka. But very soon as the member base is growing it may also be formed into SHAPE OF A BODY IN THE EYES OF LAW (a regd. Society).
Working area of DF
Mainly it concern Dwarka Sub-city. However, while exercising its voice it also acts as a forum for the mass of law abiding, peacefully living and deserving citizens of NCT Delhi and the Nation who only expect and give fairness in all walks of life. Its area of working though it is limited to Dwarka only but since some of the general issues are almost touching the entire nation, hence we sympathize and support similar groups in other areas on those issues also.
Utility of DF for the residents of Dwarka?
Mainly it helps residents as NETWORKING Platform. Rest as below. This forum addresses almost all aspects of public utility but we will rather divide it into three more parts:-Advisory role/ supporting residents in their individual appeals and petitions to the Govt /authorities and helping get their voice heard. Advising and creating awareness among all in leading a quality life. Putting pressure on govt. machinery to resolve the problems by organizing meetings with appropriate Authority. And persistent follow ups to arrive at mutual agreeable decisions. Collecting information through RTI (Right to Information)/ Otherwise to evaluate the ground realities with a view to enable civic agencies to see the viewpoint of the residents and come to a consensus in maintaining dwarka as an ideal township.
Over 3448 messages posted in the group speak the truth about DF. Strong members’ participation of over 1250+ Through representation with authorities and regular follow-up and RTI resulted in resulting, pending works from DDA/MCD/DJB, etc. got cleared. Rest below Consistent activism by its legal fraternity members such as Mr Chaitanya and others which has resulted finally in the justice for victims of the Societies’ scandal that has deprived them their rightful homes for years.It is great achievement that the group has strength of more than 1200 members. Achievements are many which can be seen in terms of improvement in all around Dwarka. Point-wise
a) Able to make a strength of more than 1200 people from all walks of life.
b) Giving much information through various RTIs creating examples for many to further escalate the process of RTI forcing the authorities to take notice of our presence
c) Established a good relation with media to highlight the issue of Dwarka and creating a data base of pictures and visual evidence to make authorities see their own acts of omission and dereliction of duty
d) Organizing various meetings to discuss and form public opinions from all quarters of society
e) Helped maximize the awareness in people to enroll for voter ID card since this is the primary step in forming a significant and powerful presence of ourselves in the eyes of the political bigwigs.
f) Organized Jan path programme of Delhi Aaj Tak, etc. highlighting the critical issues of the residents
Who can join DF?
Any bonafide resident of Dwarka Sub-City, who abides by the POSTING RULES of the group and work for the betterment of Dwarka. All process and discussions are transparent, interested residents visit the following link; submit his email id for subscription. With single email of message it goes to all members (1250+) and if any one replies it also goes to all. Visit this group at:
The members have the option of subscribing and reading message online, abridged emails of 5 or 25 etc as the option available. Any person who lives in Dwarka may become a member by just furnishing their e-mail id Effectiveness of Forum
DF effectiveness is scene all around Dwarka. A visit to the link will tell the TRUE PICTURE, as the comments of members are available online for public. This is very effective /helpful to one and all but you can take a view of entire members
Future planning
No specific plan is set by Forum; it works on the demand of the members and Dwarka Sub-City. However to attain our major aim to make dwarka as a role model city, we have to form many task forces to manage different issues but the first one is to make our voice heard in the political circle of Delhi- we must make Dwarka as a single assembly constituency and not a broken down piece of land to suit the malafide intentions of the existing political authorities. Once we are a political presence, we can make our voices heard and achieve our First objective of making Dwarka an ideal township that fosters quality living for its residents.
Present strength of your Forum
It has the strength of 1257 members and growing day by day. All 1257 members are equally stand as PILLARs of this forum and it is looking for more PILLERS to strength.At the same time we would like to mention some members who names stand in the forefront in terms of activities are; Anil Nayal, Pradeep Ivon, M K Gupta, Sushil Kumar, Krishnamurthy, Adv. Ashok, Sunil Sareen, are a few name.
Forum’s influence on local representatives (MLA, Councilors etc.) and authorities
Forum or its members have no political aspirations; therefore influencing local rep is not in the dictionary of DF. However constant follow up and building pressure on them to achieve our objectives which are simply improving the public and basic amenities of quality living for which a person works hard all life, pays his dues to the Govt. and expects peaceful and clean environment to encourage and foster creative growth for the good of mankind in general. But usually in our nation, any hardworking law abiding citizens spends all his life fighting with authorities in getting what is his basic and fundamental rights. We must endeavor to change this system or else life is futile and depressing. We believe the LR and LA needs to work hard to influence the public (which includes DF) by implementing various works for the area and DF members at their individual discretion of VOTING rights will be decision makers, whenever Elections are held. It can be asked from them but it is confirmed that they are giving attentions to our demand. Role of DF, shaping Dwarka a better living placeIf you have already the read the above, just sum up the answer. I think above points gives fare idea.
Burning topics of Dwarka for which DF fighting for
a) Water problem- managing and augmenting the sources, prevent wastage and help to give proper distribution.
b)Proper Maintenance of Roads and Park and trying to maintain clean and hygienic conditions
c) Security concerns including crime control and prevention
d)Recent Delimitation Act. To make dwarka into a single assembly seat.
e) Transportation, internal commuting, and traffic management
f) Allotments of CGHS flats- of course with the persistent efforts of the people finally the verdict have come out in our favor and we must ensure that allotments process begins at the appointed time in various societies. Contingency action in case again the allotment process is thwarted by the malicious elements.
g) Pollution- control of all sorts of pollution and garbage. Excessive noise pollution is also a main element that disturbs the peaceful living of the residents. Control of noise creating functions and events to limit them within reasonable timings and places.
h) Corruption- This is a national malady affecting all and sundry. Unless we as citizens do not discipline ourselves, we cannot check the rise of this sickness in all agencies around us.
Source: Dwarka Parichay News and Information Services
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