“Residents of Sector 3, pocket 1 and 2, Dwarka are facing problems due to the garbage menace in Sector 3 Land for proposed market.There are many open spaces in this area which are turning into dumping grounds, causing lot of trouble for the residents. They have to put up with mosquitoes,flies, cow dung, and dogs menace besides bad odour and other health hazards. We are seeing it in same condition for the last about 10 years and now piles of garbage have accumulated with boundary wall of sector 3 pocket 1 and 2, Dwarka. Residents have to brave the stench while walking around sector 3. Animals and dogs hound the place due to leftover food dumped here.” The whole ground is turning into a garbage dumping ground but nobody is caring.

The residents of nearby areas are oblivion to the fact that such an act is creating an unhygienic atmosphere in the area especially for the sector 3 , residents.The plot in Sector 3 is just opposite to Rescue hospital.

The sector 3 vacant plot is frequently being used as garbage dumping spot making the whole area unhygienic. Some people come and burn the wires in open space leaving harmful smoke for the residents. In the morning and evening time one can see people easing in open ground along the boundary walls and it has become difficult for the residents to even sit on this side of the flats. Foul smell, mosquitoes and flies have made the area unhygienic and civic agencies despite being aware of the problem are doing nothing in this direction DDA is also not doing anything and perhaps have forgotten about this plot of land

The problem has become regular as nobody is maintaining the plot which is full of garbage. People have started throwing garbage on the footpath as well. Civic agencies should take the subject seriously and control garbage dumping here in the vacant plot by making a high boundary wall without any open space so that no one can not enter in it. “No matter how much we try to keep the area clean, the practice of throwing garbage continues.

Citizen’s reporter
Subhash Trehan