Dwarka, a Smart Sub city-HOW?

Vijay K. Saluja
Giraffe Heroes India

It is very heartening to read number of mails being sent by very committed & conscientious Dwarkaites to various civic authorities & officers of Delhi Govt/DDA/Delhi Police et al ,bringing to their attention civic problems of many kinds faced day in day out by the residents of this sub-city! Some are using the RTI mode too. Many others are personally contacting the elected representatives of the area.What does it indicate?Normal attention which need to be paid by the officials of the concerned authorities is not being paid by them! Infect , keeping the area problem-free is their main job for which all of them have been appointed.

Why quick results are not coming despite repeated follow-up by even various civil society groups-DF, SDKS etc is a clear indication of the apathy & non-accountability of the concerned officials!So many residents are day in day out wasting avoidable energies/resources-time,efforts,money etc etc only to get emotional distress/stress!

There is an urgent need to revisit the existing system of local governance.As per my personal long experience in the local government my personal take is to impress upon the CM, Commissioner of the SMCD/DDA/Delhi Police & other concerned organisations to

train their officials in the areas of —
community relations
values & ethics
consequences of apathy
public service as God`s service

DF & other civil society groups should impress upon the elected reps to get Neighbourhood Residents/Traders Committees formed,

start One Window System for the redressal of grievances.

Help of media needs to be aggressively sought.Dwarka Parichay, Dwarka Radio & other media groups need to be made part of the committees.

In this way, better results will be achieved by spending less energies!

Use of IT & communication technologies will also be useful in making Dwarka a Smart Sub-city.

To be continue…