E-Waste Management Drive at Sri VIS Dwarka

Sri VIS Eco Crusaders joined hands with Nokia and i-dream for collection of E waste generated at home, neighbourhood and in the school as a part of their continuous endeavour to sensitise people on the pressing environment issues.

As a part of this drive the students first attended a workshop on April 12, 2013 on the school premises. The team from Nokia made the young learners aware of the hazards posed by irresponsible disposal of electronic equipments and showed them the eco-friendly way of recycling the same.

The way to give Mother Earth a little respite ignited the conscientious spirit of the Sri Venkateshwarites and they assiduously made their contribution. By the end of the week the drop box provided by Nokia was full with discarded mobile phones, chargers, batteries and other mobile phone accessories. All the eco-conscious denizens who contributed will receive a recycled pen as a present from Nokia and i-dream.

The drive gave an opportunity to SriVenkateshwarites to act as they believed and they stepped forward to be the young leaders who desire to change the environment with their small and valuable efforts.