Powerless DELHI …….. Over Provisioning is USELESS in Crisis ……. NEEDLESS in Normal Times

When we say that Over Provisioning of Power is poor management practice and question its wisdom, as it only helps DISCOMs to Palm off losses to consumers and pocket the profits ……. it is termed as BASELESS ALLEGATIONS by DISCOMS.

Sample DISCOMs Reply to my Objection in the recent Public Hearing ……

Unbridled Over-PRIVISIONING must be capped: Today software’s can predict power consumption patterns with accuracy of +/- 3%. Despite over provisioning Delhi faces un-announced power cuts, so what purpose is over provisioning achieving, other than giving DISCOMS opportunity to indulge in Power Trade and Pocketing the Profits and Passing Losses to the Consumers. A scientific Audit/Study involving Consumption Patterns must be conducted to look into the prevailing situations and all these transactions be scrutinized for deals between sister concerns or Cartelization and cost/prices verified with the prevailing Rates in the Power Exchange.

DISCOM REPLY: “Entire Power Purchase is approved by the Hon’ble Commission; hence question of Over Provisioning does not arise. Infact, Provisioning is done taking into account the peak demand plus a reasonable margin, so that uninterrupted 24X7 power supply can be ensured to the Consumers.
With regards to the allegation of ‘pocketing the profits and passing losses to consumers’, the same is strongly denied as baseless and without any substance.”

For the past week Delhi is facing unscheduled Power Cuts …… The Power Minister and Delhi CM tried to pass it off as Local faults, when cuts persisted the Ageing Infrastructure was blamed, NOW WHAT …….. sooner or Later TRUTH comes out …….. OVER PROVISIONING IS USELESS.

STOP BURDENING THE CONSUMERS AND START APPLING YOUR HEAD, we have been telling you, but you have been deaf to our cries.

Please Suffer the PPP Pangs ….. Water is next …… 🙂

Citizen’s Reporter: Rajiv Kakria 
E-mail: rkakria@gmail.com