Encroachment of footpath by…

Citizen’s Reporter

S K Goyal 

(A) All the 3 overbridges on R&R to IIT gate (Outer Ring Road) stretch are having pot holes generated within after some months of construction. In my view this can not happen except extreme carelessness or corruption in construction.

(B) The maintenance of footpath and keeping them free from any kind of obstruction is very important duty of PWD. However I have observed that on many stretched PWD engineers have not only ignored this aspect but themselves have indulged in activities of blocking the footpath. They have not only failed to remove the existing obstructions like boards & walls etc. but fixed many sign boards blocking the footpaths, rendering them useless for pedestrians. I understand that PWD engineers daily inspect the roads under their respective jurisdiction. Occurrence of such incidence is extremely disappointing. I have several photographs to suggest that even boards fixed by other persons have not been removed but additional boards put up by PWD. primarily indicating the carelessness of concerned work supervisor

I request that appropriate inquiry be made why despite daily road inspection PWD officers have failed to remove these boards? This indirectly suggest that quality of road inspection is not only very poor but it’s authenticity is also doubtful, which suggest that fake inspection reports are generated. Sample photographs attached.

(C) In front of IIT Gate PWD installed two similar boards side by side blocking the footpath. On my complaint one board was uprooted and other was tilted to pave way for pedestrians. On inquiry I have been informed that cost of one board is Rs,64000/-. Fixing two similar boards with in a distance of 4 metre is a patent waste of public money. I request an inquiry be made to assess the reasons how the second board got sanctioned & fixed – and how its payment was released. Sample photograph attached.

(D) On the same road stretch as in (C) above several new overhead sign boards were found damaged & now missing- What is the prime reason for such damage? Who borne the cost of repair? & Where these boards have gone?