“Journey to Success From Pain to Joy”

One thing we all know well is that no lamp can burn unless it lights up the world. Likewise, a teacher gets the future of the new generation only after working hard all the time! History is the witness that there are some people in every round, who also teach the tricks of living life with happiness all the time! Knowing such a person closely, it seems that this person has either seen a lot of lifelong or has seen deep pain in his heart. From today’s list of those people, I am writing my own article about a similar person. I can say in one thing with the claim that if you read this article wholeheartedly, then you will not be able to be affected by that person and his thinking. My hero was living his life in a good way just like ordinary people. As it usually happens with all the people, the person forgetting himself, going ahead in the journey of life! Fulfilling the comforts of his family, he also ignores his hunger and thirst for the day and night! In the same way I am the hero of this article too.

Suddenly, when he realizes that his wife has become a deadly disease like a blood cancer. It is impossible not to be cured! Not only that, after some time, it is known that after treating the wife’s disease, she herself has been caught by a strange and poor disease. It was such a problem which has happened to only one person in northern India. Doctors from all major hospitals in India told this to their family. Just think, The God, whose wife has given such an incurable disease, whose treatment was not possible. After that, he gave such a sickness which was not treated in India’s hospitals! What would be the condition of a common man in such a situation? This kind of imagination only starts to tremble. The atmosphere of sadness and despair in the whole house was started! At that time, take care of your children or fight with yourself and your wife’s disease! But every game of the top is only infrequent! He had given some thought to this person.

Due to illness, it was becoming very difficult to spend the whole day sitting alone in the house. Doctors had refused to let them g.! Only the walker or the wheel chair had made their support forever. Her mind was broken! Dreadful of illness and loneliness, he did not understand what to do? How to cut a mountain like life. Advice from relatives, close friends, and the vomiting of the neighbors’ unnecessary, Neem-Hakim Babao. Those people who could not speak the name of the disease were telling him his treatment to get out of that terrible and in that serious atmosphere, the Lord showed him a unique hope. Who worked to show the water to the thirsty desert of the desert. At that moment of my life, my hero took the same decision which a brave man can take. That was the decision to change from a positive thinking.

Remove from negative thinking for the betterment of family and society, put yourself in positive thinking. At that time it was very difficult to do all this! But to overcome the condition had to change their thinking! He decided to change his pain, his every gum to happiness. Now he started utilizing his spare time. Pen-paper made your friend. He felt as if he himself was going through this bad phase, there are many people in the same world who are going through this phase! Because of such negative thinking, these people either make their life hell or end it. Such people need a lot of guidance. At that time, he did not like ordinary people, like a special logo. In the hand, The Lord had given a pen-paper probably because he started writing, forget about his problems and wrote what he wrote that people can forget their grief and pain by reading his article.

In a short time its positive results began to appear. His writings not only reduced the pain of the people, but started to change the concept of the people.Such a grace of God was on our hero that he gifted one, not two, but 33 motivational booklets to the society. He has published more than 900 articles in different newspapers and magazines abroad. Through the motivational books and these articles, many people of India and abroad adopt the ideas and suggestions suggested by them in their life, by reading stories and making such changes which can not be used in words.Those books and articles began to enjoy the love of every section of the people.The pen of my hero brought happiness to the faces of every section of the people. In return God did not let the writer know that when his children grew up and when they got married too! Today 24 years later, fighting for the disease is a unique journey of success! Even today, struggling with the same disease, he did not stop writing. Every day of my life is living happily with my family. Now you will be feeling the people who are talking about the hero.Friends, you have the right to know now! He is none other than India’s famous motivational writer, Motivational gurus, most of the motivational speakers in India who believe in their guru.The big publishers of our country are convinced of their writings. Even in Google, he is on number one! It is no other than us, we all know the beloved Jolly.Those who have forgotten their pain and pain, only thought about happiness of others.That’s why I have given the title of my article “Journey to Success, from Pain to Joy”. If you liked my article, go to Google to find out more about Jolly Uncle at once! One thing and you can see their many inspirational videos on YouTube too. Do not forget to give them their best wishes for their success! We all have the same fate that Lord give such a good health to Jolly Uncle so that the journey of his life continues to be happy in this way.

“I will not give up on my life,
Do not die before dying. “

(Jolly Uncle)

WOW@Satish Kumar(GuruBhai)