Boston-Bangalore terror attack

Rakesh Manchanda

Boston bomb attack unlike Banglore response can be termed as a disaster drill that had become real, and the people-police knew exactly what to do.

Indian society is designed in such a fashion that instead of learning how to respond with collective civil help during terrorist attack like Bangalore bomb blasts and disaster management they learn to hate the hidden terrorist with only his visible religion and politicians try to take advantage to collect public opinion in shape of future votes.For Public to learn government has to invest policy right from the childhood.

Hence instead of constructive alertness there are destructive divisions in the society.
Being a Muslim or Hindu does not mean we are enemy to each other.
For years in the past India suffered Hindu-sikh divide now it is replaced by Hindu-Muslim divide. The religious `shoes` if necessary need to be banned or removed by communities under the self code of conduct.Terrorist should run and hide without any religious label. How government shall support needs to be seen.