Fern Sharma is the Jewel of Dwarka

Fern Sharma – topper of CBSE 2008

Whatever you do, do with interest, is the ultimate mantra of her success says Fern Sharma who this year’s CBSE Class 12 topper with 94.4%! Talking to Dwarkaparichay she explained that during regular school days she studied for five hours and she doubled the duration in the examination days. Rest is the history… Fern-resident of a student of DPS, Dwarka and also the Head girl of the school got 96 marks in Maths, 90 in English, 96 in Psychology, 95 in Geography and 95 marks in Economics. Although she scored 92% aggregate in X standard with 93 marks in English, 93 in Maths, 96 in Science, 86 in Sanskrit and 90 marks in Social Studies. She is a good player of football & basketball besides she is painter and very good debater also.
Fern says that she had worked hard and was anticipating a good result. Even though Fern attributes her success to her loving and supporting parents Ajay K.Sharma-bank officer in State Bank of India and Usha Sharma-Housewife, she is also all praises for the teachers, especially her Principal Renu Mital who has been a big inspirational force in her life. “I am really proud of my daughter and it’s all because of her hard work and the efforts put in by her teachers that she has secured this position.” Says Mr. Sharma.
Fern – an unusual name given by her grandfather – very much resembles the plant by the same name, which is a delicate plant and one that blooms wherever you keep it, outdoors or indoors. Fern is a soft spoken and unassuming student. Besides academics, participating in extracurricular activities and sports is something even her mother vouches for. Provides her mother Usha Sharma, “Fern has always been a bright student with a good grasping power. She has never shirked hard work and has always been a regular student. She has tremendous determination and grit and sincerely completes everything that she undertakes.” So if she is playing football, she takes it so seriously that she strives to be the best.
Fern represented Delhi last year in Under-19 Junior Championship. She has won debate competitions held at DPS, Noida, Rohini and in Cambridge School. She won painting competition held at DPS International and DPS Vasant Kunj. She is in the school’s basketball team. She has also gone to Japan in an exchange programme by CBSE. How does she manage to excel in such diverse activities? “I never sit idle,” quips Fern, “Nor do I waste much time in watching T.V or surfing the net as many of my friends do.” So what does she do for recreation? “Well, I do watch reality shows at times and read novels. My favourite is Jeffery Archer. I also love to hang around with friends,” informs Fern. About the new section HOTS which is a hot debate topic these days, Fern feels that it is a good approach saying, “I never believed in mugging up. HOTS test the mental ability of the students. If you have understood the concept well, then no question is difficult. It is a good concept.” Now that the first hurdle is over, what are her future plans? Fern wants to be an economist and her immediate plan is to get into Economics (Honours) course in St Stephans College. She has her eyes set on the prestigious London School of Economics for her Masters and further research. She likes the economic subject because she knows that the said subject can bring the change in the nation’s development. That’s why she has keen interest to adapt it more willingly.
Keep the spirit high to achieve what you want Fern because tons of wishes of the whole sub-city is with you.

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & information services
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