FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), one of the most prestigious pan India forums working towards the goal of women empowerment today released a Women Artisans Craft Directory in an event titled “Celebrate Creativity” organised here today.

This Directory covers the 29 states of India and highlights the creative dexterity of more than 400 women along with their contact details. The launch of the Directory took place in the presence of two eminent personalities – Sanjay Garg & Anju Modi, two designers and fashion entrepreneurs who understand the true potential of Handlooms & Handicrafts and its significant role in providing employment to a vast segment of craftsperson, thereby preserving the intangible heritage of our country.

“India is a land known for its cultural diversity, vibrant art forms and the exquisite artefacts handcrafted by millions of skilled artisans including women . The Women artisans craft Directory is an effort to support women artisans from various parts of the country to connect directly with buyers across India and the world and will also help bridge the gap between India’s skilled women artisans and discerning buyers as it will establish a direct link with artisans, bring them recognition and respect” said Ms Vasvi Bharat Ram, President, FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) .

“The Handloom and handicraft sector showcases the country’s unique cultural mosaic and rich heritage. It also has the economic potential to strengthen livelihoods in a sustainable manner. However, a prime concern in this sector is that there is a dearth of information available on the artisans. This directory will help fill the gap “said Ms Bharat Ram

“FLO believes in being thought leaders and change makers in every sphere, and one of our initiatives is to empower women entrepreneurs specifically at the grassroots level. The FLO Women Artisans Mapping Project endeavours to document the names and details of the women artisans in this sector and throw light on their untapped potential. We also hope to boost networking possibilities, thereby enhancing livelihood generation and entrepreneurship opportunities for women in this sector.” Said Ms Bharat Ram.

Sanjay Garg is the Founder of Raw Mango, a brand of contemporary Indian hand-woven textiles crafted using traditional techniques. The saris, fabrics and stoles from Raw Mango reflect the skills of the more than 450 craftspeople employed by them.

“The whole interest of the ‘Raw Mango’ brand is how do we give life to the various crafts and sustain it, for that we have gone on to work with as many as 400 craftspeople in Varanasi, Lucknow, and West Bengal, translating the country’s rich heritage of handwoven textiles for the modern Indian customer.” Said Mr Sanjay Garg speaking on the occasion.

Anju Modi’s 25 years old label has evolved to become a revered and coveted designer brand. Besides deriving concepts from the cultural heritage, Anju Modi also contributes to the bank of textile reserves and ancient crafts.

“ My work is a unique blend of simplicity and elegance, characterized by a contemporary reworking of traditional Indian techniques, this year’s designs also see her draw from another ancient heritage. So every season, ideas change, people change, their tastes change, but frankly the core aesthetic remains the same, and we keep deriving from our ancient cultures, a similar architectural, perfect designs of artisans across the country” Ms Anju Modi said.