Like the last month, this month also, most of the residents of Sahara Society, Sector 6 have received water bills which is more than or almost equal to that of electric bills. This month, our water bill is of 2000 while the electric bill is for Rs. 1900/-. There are similar feedbacks from some other societies also.

The only solution to this problem lies is early completion of Munak canal and Water Treatment Plant at Sec 16, Dwarka otherwise Dwarkaites will continue to pay more. Moreover, till the water is transferred to DJB from DDA, DDA should charge at the rate of DJB which will give some relief to the resident. The water rates for Dwarka are the maximum across Delhi for no fault of the residents.

In a letter to Shri Sumesh Shokeen, MLA, Dwarka Forum has demanded supply of 15 MGD water daily which need to be implemented forthwith.