श्री Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18, Dwarka was proud to host Sri VISMUN from 5th October to 7th October 2016. Sri VISMUN simulated six committees- United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Expert Panel On Censorship (EPOC), Fashion Association of India (FAI), AIPPM and IPL. “This will make you understand the value of collaboration and motivate you to chalk out solutions for our planet’s issues”, said the chief guest Dr. Janice Darbari, Honorary Consul General of the Consulate of Montenegro in India. 

The school Principal, Ms. Nita Arora said that, “Through Sri VISMUN, we strive to give an experience of a lifetime where you will be delegates with the power to negotiate and formulate resolutions that can change the world”. More than 306 young delegates from prestigious schools and colleges across North India cohesively and decisively promulgated strategies after developing a comprehensive outlook towards numerous global issues. Global events of such impressive stature promise to foster confidence and responsibility in our future policy makers. In a world devastated by proxy wars and self annihilative technology and consumerism, the Model United National platform allows the aurora of peace in the horizon. The Chairman, Mr. Sailander Solanki is firm in his belief that all human beings are privileged in being born free and deserve equal rights irrespective of the repressive distinctions of class, colour or creed and the best way to begin change is in the portals of his school since all of us share a common destiny.
The event is co sponsored by Univquest. The MUN saw experts from various fields share their views in the six committees. They are Mr Arindam Mukherjee in AIPPM, Mr Javed Habib in FAI, Mr Pulkeet Mehra, Director Rasta Foundation in HRC, Mr Deepak Sharma with FM Radio in EPOC, Mr Chander Kant Pandit in IPL and Dr Janice Darbari and her father Dr Shatrughan Darbari in HRC. Dr Shatrughan Darbari participated in the United Nations in 1950s along with Dr Krishna Menon. He reminisced those days and was appreciative of this venture of school. Dr Janice Darbari, reminded the participants of what is written on the wall on the office of United Nations , that implies that nations shall not wage war.