For a Better Traffic system in Dwarka

Dwarka Forum members ( Sudha Iyer, Sushil Kumar and Anoop) met with DCP (West) – Dr. Singla, ACP- Mr. Ashok Kumar and Traffic Inspector- Mr. Harinder Singh at Sector 6 market. Before reaching Sector 6 market, Dr Singla visited Ashirwad Chowk and took a first hand look at the position there, and then he came to meet again at the red right intersection at 6pm on Saturday, Jan 9, 2010.

The time was perfect for his visit; DF members took him on a site inspection tour of the market and showed him the traffic situation. The following points were discussed:

1. Parking
· Service Lane space: He (DCP) showed us the space opposite the sector 6 market (opposite to the Delhi Sports Club), there is L-shaped lane (where a seller with flower vase sits) is available for parking. He checked the place and asked us “why this space can’t be utilized for parking”.
· Suggestion: He said that we should start using that space/area for parking the cars instead of parking on the main road. He has advised TI to mark it as a free parking space.

· Inside the market: After observing, he said there is enough space inside the market provided the vehicles are parked properly. Also, he said most of the vehicles parked inside the market place would be of the shop keepers, which is parked for the entire day.

· He suggested:
(i) we should call for a meeting with the Shop keepers association and discuss, request and impress upon them if they could free up the space inside the market for the shoppers by parking their vehicles on the Service Lanes opposite to the sector (mentioned above), which will enable the shoppers to park their vehicles while they come for shopping which will be a pleasant experience of the shoppers as well.
(ii) He said we will be more than happy to be present in such a meeting and can resolve issues.

· On Main road: As requested by us for making one row of cars to be allowed to be parked on the main road, he refused to accept our suggestion, but said for this coming week, they will allow by sticking wrong parking notice on the cars. He instructed the cops present there to show the place/area for people to park their vehicles. He said first lets utilize the space available and that they will keep monitoring the situation.

· Rickshaws: He instructed the TI to put up a notice that rickhaws will not be allowed on the main roads. They will have to ply only on the service lanes. Said this should be strictly followed as they are creating too much nuisance and blocking the traffic.

· Mobile Catering Van: License of all vans was checked and we also saw them. Most of the licenses are due for renewal in March. There are given by MCD, and few of the vans also had a letter from the LG’s office. He suggested that we should take up this matter with MCD requesting them not to renew their license.

· The DCP also observed that the mobile vans are supposed to be on wheels and that it should not be permanently stationed and encroach upon public land. He instructed the ACP and TI to make note of it and told them to take against the vans which does not have wheels. He told them to exercise their power.

2. Encroachment on Palam Colony roads (under the Palam Bridge)
Took a trip down under the Palam Bridge. He observed and instructed the TI to let the shopkeepers park their vehicles in one lane and not all over. I impressed upon him that it is very important to have this road clear of encroachment as this is one of the outlets (ingress/egress) to Dwarka.

He agreed and suggested we will take up this shortly. He said lets take up issues one by one…and the first is the clearance of the parking problem at the Sector 6/10 markets which needs to be sorted out immediately.

3. Red lights (Sector 1) coming down from the bridge
Free left-turn: We informed and (he himself observed) that the duration of red light and the bus stop, is causing long jams and vehicles bound for left turn are unable to take it.
We suggested that the sidewalk is far too wide, which can be cut to widen this road and a slip road can be created for traffic going towards the left.

He agreed and instructed the TI to write to DDA to widen this road for easing out the traffic.
He showed us the traffic signal records maintained by the CMS guy of the duration of red and green lights which is maintained on hourly basis depending on the traffic. He said they are strictly monitoring the lights all over and their functioning.

He also instructed his team that they should take it up with relevant authorities, to build a slip road, in every crossing, for free left turn.
Installation of signals (red lights) between Sector-6&10 and main road Madhu vihar.

4. Action Points:
1. To set up meetings with Shopkeepers regarding parking.
2. To let all the public know that they can utilize the space available and not to park their vehicles on the main road.
3. To write to MCD regarding renewing of license.

We feel the meeting was very useful and constructive. And I appreciate and Traffic Police team, responsible for Dwarka, for taking note of our letter and organizing this meeting almost, immediately on receipt of our letter.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Singla, Mr. Ashok Kumar and Mr. Harinder Singh for spending some very useful and constructive time with us and to understand the problems faced all of us and giving us their suggestions. We welcome such interactions in future also.

Dwarka Forum