Fraternity Meet for Hacker, Rolf Benz and Hulsta

In the city of dreams, Mumbai on the fresh morning of 2nd February 2018 three of the most influential companies in the field of design, namely: Hacker, Rolf Benz and Hulsta came together for a “Fraternity Meet” conceptualized by One Digital at The Hacker Experience Centre, Upper Worli. Even though we are well aware of all three brands, for those of us who might not, brief introductions are in order:

Häcker Küchen GmbH & Co. KG has been producing modular kitchens in Germany since 1936 at their central manufacturing facility located at Rodinghausen, in Germany. Hacker has a global presence of being in 60 countries apart from EU covering Middle East, Asia & south East Asia, Far East & Pacific. Hacker offers customize modular kitchens for every segment–ranging from low-end to mid–segment and top–end. Their strength is in their continued research & development to keep pace with the latest technologies. 

While Rolf Benz and Co. KG is one of Europe‘s most renowned manufacturers of premium upholstered furniture. For over 50 years, it has been producing design-oriented functional sofas with a seating comfort of legends which has been perfected over time. Its origin dates back to 1964, founded in Nagold, Germany. Each sofa from Rolf Benz is created out of “entrepreneurial sincerity”, of a dedicated “aspiration to produce quality made in Germany” and of “craftsmanship to the highest standards”.

Also, Hulsta. Furniture. German Made – The complete furniture solution. is celebrating their success in the German and European markets since 1960. This year completes 70 years of their existence. Hulsta carries a range of different quality brands for all the three segments of the moderate to the middle to high-end market segments fitting every pockets when looking for a quality product. The three product segments are represented under their brands name Hulsta, Now! By Hulsta, Rolf Benz and ArteM, as we all know.

Coming back to the event after the bare necessities, The Fraternity Meet was a design oriented event inviting all interior designers, architects, consultants, media personnel and people from allied disciplines. Opening of the event started off with:

Welcome by Ar. Karan Desai (Karan Desai Inc) for Capt. Mukesh Kumar – MD and Chairman of Hacker India – Kanu Kitchen Kulture Pvt. Ltd who further introduced the brands to the insightful audience – followed by Guest welcome for German friends: Bernd Bredenhoeller (Hülsta Export Manager), Ms. Rehm Gisela (Häcker: Head of Marketing), Willy Kamm (Häcker: Export Manager) and Markus Sander (Häcker: Managing Director, Marketing). This was followed by a Q&A with the audience who dwelled into the brand story in depth.

The Grand revamp of the Kanu Kitchen Kulture showroom designed by Ar. Rohit Suraj, a symbol of their timeless communion with Hacker, Rolf Benz and Hulsta Germany, where Hacker synergy was a well over a decade and a half, jointly ruling over the Indian kitchen market with a whooping overall share of 35 percent in totality. Through achieving this feat, what has been common for both the companies, allowing such a long, fruitful relation is Ideology. Sharing the same ideals made them trust each and walk the unending journey of success, together.

They humbly invited others including the likes of key media personnel and eminent architects to be a part of their celebration for the same. A celebration of the place they have reached and to the endless expansive future possibilities. A stellar event no one wished to miss. 

Brand introduction by Capt. Mukesh Kumar was one of the most intriguing segments of the event, followed by new product introductions by all the companies namely Hacker, Rolf Benz and Hulsta talking about the results of their RnD (Research and Development), how they have fuelled their current innovations and what the future prospects look like from their perspectives.
It was an intellectual understanding and knowledge sharing about the backgrounds of the brand designs, up to date with all the current happenings of the field, and the glimpse of what is in store for better lives in the future. The world famous German design companies definitely taught everyone a thing or two worth knowing about and to better understand today’s market.
Aiding to this and to mutually contemplate about celebration of German design with spatial ideas for the “Interior Trends of 2018” some of the most prominent people answered the call as panelists at the Panel discussion vis-a-vis Design Dialogue, who were as follows:

Shami Goregaoker (GA Design)
Shilpa Jain (Studio Osmosis)
Rohit Suraj (Urban Zen)
Maria Leon (Shroff Leon)
Karan Desai (Karan Desai Inc)

Also, Vertica Dvivedi (Event Director and Editor – WADE India and Surfaces Reporter) as the moderator for the Panel. Apart from the Guest welcome as the scrumptious starter by Capt. Mukesh Kumar personally, the Design dialogue became one of the main dishes for the event cuisine succeeding it to another tangent.

After these long exciting chain of events, the Fraternity Meet did care about the visitor’s dietary routine.

Next in line, was a media lunch over high tea. Perfect for linking up with people, what better chance for networking conversations than to blossom over delicious food? The event was concluded by a one-on-one media talk with all the attendees and delegates for a candid conversation allowing a sneak peek into their lives, professions, strategies for design, much like a sweet dish after the long satiating cuisine. 

Capt. Mukesh Kumar, MD and Chairman Hacker India – after quitting his army career in 1979 started his business venture in 1985 specializing in manufacture & export of Hand knotted woolen carpets to North America, Europe and Australia under the Brand “Kanu Exports” which to date is 100% export oriented company. In 1988, he further set up a buying agency “Kanu Overseas” dealing in floor coverings, providing consolidation and representative services to prominent business houses from UK, Austria & Germany. He is well known in the carpet industry and also represented two tenures as a member and first Vice chairman of the Carpet Export Promotion Council of India.
Capt. Mukesh Kumar
MD and Chairman Hacker India
After a long and strong business association with Europe, in particular with Germany, he ventured into the import and retail industry by signing an all India distributorship with Häcker Küchen Gmbh & Co. Kg in 2004. Häcker is one of the largest customized modular Kitchens producers with a turnover of over half billion Euros (in 2017). Based in Rödinghausen, Germany since 1938, Häcker has a global presence in over 60 countries and is world known for its precise engineering and superior quality kitchen products. 

In 2011, Capt. Mukesh, along with his son, Gandharv Gombar, introduced world-renowned German brands – Hülsta Furniture and Rolf Benz Sofas to the Indian Market. Both Brands belong to the Hüls Group from Stadtlön, Germany and offer customized furniture solutions for Bedrooms, Living and Dining Concepts for over 70 years.

With 13 Exclusive Häcker Kitchen Showrooms and 3 complete furniture Brand Shops all India, Kanu Kitchen Kulture is reintroducing Häcker to the fraternity with their revamped store in Mumbai.

His elder daughter, Kanupriya Mal, is a director in the Kitchen business and his second Son, Anubhav is studying Luxury Brand Management in Milan and all set to make his footprint in the luxury brand market as well.

Capt. Mukesh is passionate about quality engineered products and loves to travel the world to find new and innovative products. He spends his spare time with friends and family, particularly his grandsons.