Experience Women power – JOIN NLGT, Dwarka

A Get-together was organised by ladies of Sectors 22 and 23 Dwarka, New Delhi to facilitate Association of Neighborhood Ladies Get-together at Green Towers, Plot No. 7C, Sector 23, Dwarka, New Delhi. Mrs. Mithali and Mrs. Anjali were the main organizers. All the ladies were happy and greeted the governing body members. They expressed their full support in the future endeavors. Some of them agreed to spend one day in a month for making Dwarka green, clean and beautiful and those who are having vehicle and can drive themselves offered their help whenever it is needed. Some others offered contributions in cash once in a month as it is for a temple worship by the community.

The ladies presented a bouquet and a shawl to felicitate the association’s President, Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan. She expressed her thanks for the award and said it is not only to the association NHLGT, but for all the ladies of Dwarka. Now it is our duty to take forward this torch and bring its light to awaken and inspire the Dwarikites for awakening community responsibility and social solidarity. Then we can make Dwarka a model city. We can shake the bureaucracy and terrorism and make Dwarka a worth living place.

Talking to Dwarka Parichay President, Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan informed that NLGT is working on voluntiary basis and more people are joining from all over Dwarka. We do not charge any membership fee, we beleive that a noble cause will attract good people who supported us in various events throughout the year. We trust and build a good manpower for all our social works.