Giraffe Heroes India Program-New Year Greetings from Director

Dear Dwarka Residents,

First of all,I take this opportunity to warmly wish all of you & your loved ones a BRIGHT 2015, which should bring Robust Health, Tons of Joy,Crates of Contentment , Peace , Progress & Prosperity for all of you

I also earnestly wish that in the New Year, you all are, blessed with Commitment,contentment, Passion, & Zeal to bring positivity amongst all, you come across & infect them with your enthusiasm & vigour ,to make tangible positive differences in the Community & System around them.

This communication is also to apprise you a bit more about GIRAFFE HEROES INDIA PROGRAM[GHIP} an offshoot of GIRAFFE HEROES PROJECT of US about which DWARKA PARICHAY[DP} our Media Associate has been, for quite sometime, featuring it, in its various news-reports.

As some of the regular readers of DP may be aware by now, that the prime objective of this Program is to IDENTIFY & HONOUR the RISK-TAKERS in the society & [mainly]UNSUNG-HEROES, who have deep sense of conviction & great courage to STICK THEIR NECKS OUT,against all odds, for the `Common Good` & thus make a positive difference in the desperate,grim & stark situations in the changing society & grey systems of India.

GHIP, is an extension or an offshoot of the activities of Giraffe Heroes Project started in US in 1984 by gutsy Ann Medlock-a freelance writer,speechwriter `as an antidote to the mind-numbing violence & trivia that then, pervaded the media/society eroding civic energy & hope`

Her strategy was simple-she would find unknown heroes ,commend them as GIRAFFE HEROES & get their stories told on radio, television & in print.Leading Media-modes of US viz TIME,The New York Times CNN,VOA et al, have covered their stories.

Since 1984, the Giraffe Project of US have covered quite a distance in various ways?Three decades of experience have also proved that that the Giraffe Message can & does move people into courageous & compassionate actions, that are the mainstay of a free, fair, equitable & healthy society.

In 2009, Giraffe Heroes International, was launched under the Presidentship of Mr John Grahams-a veteran US diplomat, to manage all international work.

In 2012, Giraffe Heroes India Program was launched.India is the sixth country where this Project has been started when John came to India.Since then, there have been sustained efforts to create awareness about this Program in Delhi ,in particular & all over India, thru many modes.

DWARKA PARICHAY has been our ardent supporter in this noble task of creating awareness about this Program & as well inviting nominations for the prospective GIRAFFE HEROES.

The details about the US Project,India Program,Criteria for Nominations,Nomination Form & the list of the commended Giraffe Heroes from all over the World & its other activities from time to time are available at the website

May, I take the liberty of requesting the Readers to pl take some time out of their busy schedule to visit this website & do send us nominations, about the Brave People/ UNSUNG HEROES which they may be aware of, for consideration by the JURY for commending Giraffe Heroes.

Pl do let us know, as well, how you will like to associate with this Program,besides sending nominations

Information/ nominations/ queries, if any/views may be sent to Sh S.S Dogra/Mr Sanjay of Dwarka Parichay( ) or to the undersigned at

I eagerly look forward to your responses.

With best wishes again for the Year 2015

Vijay K. Saluja
Giraffe Heroes India Program