World Environment Day celebrated by Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi

Smt Neeta Arora – Principal Venkateshwara International School
giving practical tips to save our Environment

SUKH DUKH KE SATHI (SDKS) celebrated World Environment day (WED) on 9th June in Community Hall of Chitrakoot Apartments Sector-22 Dwarka with gusto. Chief Guest of the function was Shri Rajesh Gehlot, Chairman Standing Committee South Municipal Corporation of Delhi (SDMC). Other distinguished guests were Dr. Ashok Lav – an eminent author and educationist, Dr. PK Datta – a renowned naturalist, Smt Neeta Arora – Principal Venkateshwara International School Dwarka Sector 18, Shri Diwan Singh –environment activist, Shri Sushil Kumar – President Dwarka Forum, Smt Cicily Kodian – President Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get Together, Sri S S Dogra-Dwarjka Parichay, Shri Rajeev Sood – Art of Living teacher and executives of other social organizations of the area. SDKS General Secretary Shri S.K. Kapoor conducted the programme.

The function was set off with an impressive welcome speech of President SDKS Shri Vijay Shanker Singh, Ex-DIG BSF with thanks to Shri DC Mathur for his restless efforts in organizing a gorgeous programme, which was followed by inspiring poems of the SDKS poets Shri Anil Upadhyay, Shri Prem Bihari Mishra, Col. P.C. Chowdhary, Shri V.K. Mansotra and Col Zile Singh. The distinguished guests spoke effectively about the dangers of diminishing environmental conditions withmotivatingsuggestions for improvement. All the speakers said in one voice that even a smallest individual effort of cleanliness and resource preservation can go a long way in improving the day by day deteriorating situation.Shri Diwan Singh gave an eye-catching presentation about need of revival of water bodies in Dwarka. Shri Singh also informed that he himself and Capt SS Mann of Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi have been nominated as members of the committed formed by Hon’able Lt. Governor of Delhi for restoration of water bodies in Dwarka. The LG will meet the committee every month to review the progress. Capt Mann also gave a detailed account of SDKS activities for saving the environment. Shri Rajeev Sood demonstrated technique of meditation to get rid of thethought pollution. 
In his informative speech Shri P.B. Mishra said that worried with diminishing environmental conditions Unite Nation organized a meeting of 119 countries in Stockhome (Sweeden) from5 to 16 June 1972 and decided to celebrate WEDon 5th June every yearto raise global awarenessabout environmental needs and established the principal of “one earth”. The programme is hosted every year by a different city with a different theme. Shri Mishra further said “our ancestors were well aware of this need thousands of years before it started damaging the mother earth, established the principal of “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” and preached to pay respect to air, water, trees, animals and other living creatures connecting their name with God in one way or the other.”
The Chief Guest and other distinguished guests distributed prizes to the winning children of Painting Competition organized by SDKS with joint participation of the children of labour class and the local residents.Gifts were distributed to the workers of Horticulture Department and SDMC,under arrangement of SDKS. All other participating children were given consolation prizes. Prizes for children were sponsored Dwarka Sector-23 branch of State Bank of India.
Workers of Horticulture Department and SDMC felicitated by SDKS
The programme concluded with inauguration of Annual Tree Plantation Drive of SDKSfollowed by vote of thanks by SDKS vice-prersident Shri SPS Chauhan, DIG BSF(Retd), and an affectionate lunch hosted by Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi.