Featured School: Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, New Delhi

 Established in the year 2006,Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18,  Dwarka, New Delhi is the second branch of Venkateshwar group of Schools, functioning on the successful ethos, philosophy and established systems of the  pioneer school.

With an awe – inspiring majestic, centrally air-conditioned building and a serene, child friendly environment, Sri VIS is a welcoming threshold for tender minds to ultimately take shape as future global citizens with holistic personality, ethics, values and a technological edge to meet the challenges of the emerging society.

Sri VIS, Sector 18 is a co-educational Senior Secondary School recognised by the Directorate of Education.   The School has eminent educationists, bureaucrats, professionals and intellectuals as Members of the Management Committee and Advisory Board.

We teach the child not the Subject
A unique feature of Sri VIS. is the child friendly approach to teaching that is not just activity based, but also geared towards higher order learning. With more emphasis on comprehension and analytical abilities, rather than rote memorisation, the students are initiated into a process of investigation, experimentation and deduction. The school aims at nurturing curiosity, with hands-on practical experience.

The focus is on learning rather than on teaching
Technology is used extensively as a learning tool at VIS. LCD TV, Computers and intranet and internet connectivity are enabling tools for curriculum transaction. Teacher development programmes are at the core of all innovations in classroom. Regular workshops on language training , ECCE, Wipro applying thoughts in School are conducted.

IT Edge

Each class room is equipped with Smart Interactive Board/ LCD TV, Computer and Knowledge Centre’s Digital Resource Material.

• Internet facility in all class rooms

• Sri VIS teachers take an interdisciplinary team approach to learning, where teachers in each grade level collaborate on cross-curricular lesson activities. Teachers, in co-ordination with the dedicated computer department, display relevant websites, interactive multimedia clips, presentations and other reference materials on the Smart Interactive Whiteboard to reinforce key concepts and engage students in group discussions.

Students learn to use technology as a tool to assist them in all subjects. ‘Whenever you make learning exciting, it makes a difference in the classroom”, the teaching guideline at Sri VIS. 

Integrated and Inter-Disciplinary Curriculum
Our children see the relevance of what they are learning in real-life situations. Thus our curriculum apart from classroom teaching integrates practical work, field trips and project work. There are ` Before school hours’, Saturday-`Sports and SUPW’ & Special Summer Training Camps . At the same time, sufficient importance is given to train for various Scholarship Examinations & Subject Olympiads so  that children develop the competitive edge as well..
Aesthetic Development
Outreach Programme
The school has a very active programme that enables students to reach out and contribute to the society that has givent them so much. Some of the programmes are:-

Multiple Intelligence

We recognise that children have many strengths that must be inculcated, re-inforced and used to develop a balanced personality. Our class strength is small. The excellent student-teacher ratio helps in implementing the Multiple Intelligence Theory as developed by Howard Gardner, which recognises different types of Intelligences.

Our teachers reinforce not just Linguistic and Logical-Mathematical Intelligence in each individual child but also, Bodily-kinaesthetic, Spatial, Musical, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences.

Other Activities

Apart from this general routine, there is always something happening at Sri VIS. Competitions, quizzes, seminars, festival celebrations, talks by eminent personalities – and of course, examinations – are all planned at the beginning of the year as part of the curriculum and judiciously timed so as to reinforce the concepts that are currently being learnt in class.

Children are frequently taken out within and outside the city to places that will help them relate what they are learning in the classroom to the real world.

There are also many major annual events to  look forward to – the Annual  Day Celebrations, the Subject Expos, the Bal Mela,  the Sports Day, the Inter-School Events- `Athkheliaan’ , `Techies & Gizmos’ ,  the Inter -House competitions and matches, the Athletic Meet, etc.

Principal’s Diary
“Education is about awakening – awakening to the power and beauty that lies within all of us.” 
Leading by Example – The School Principal, Mrs Nita Arora The School Principal holds 29 years of rich & varied experience in the field of education of which 15 years have been in administrative capacities.
Full profile


Parents seeking admission for their children can obtain the 

application form and prospectus from the school on all working days.

Sector -18, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075, India
Nearest Metro Station – Sector-12
Tel : +91-011- 42815336 (3 lines)
Fax.:   +91-011-42815339   
E-mail:   info@svis.org.in,
Website: http://www.svis.org.in/

                    ORANGE CROSS – The School Health Wellness & Nutrition Program

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