A Grand Painting Competition organized on Republic Day

S.S.DOGRA On the occasion of Republic Day, a grand painting competition was organized at Sector-6, DDA Park, Dwarka. It was open painting competition for the students. According to Mrs. Sudha Sinha and Mr.Mukesh Sinha- Organisers of the competition. “It is our regular feature to organize such a competition on National Festival. We are organizing it for the last four years, this is the fifth episode in Dwarka itself.” Dr.M.P. George & Mr.Arumugom (Arun) parents also appreciated the ideas of the organizers to conduct such creative activity that too on the occasion of National Festival.
The painting competition was divided among three categories, the age group from 3 to 6 years students were under category, the second category contains the students from 7 to 10 years and third category were from 11 to 15 years. They had to make the painting on Natural Scene/My Family, the second category were given the theme of Traffic Jam /Cartoon Image and under third category the students were asked to paint Republic Day Celebration/Winter Festival. Hundreds of students from Dwarka and surrounding took part in and showed their creative talent through their brushes and colours. In the end, the judges of the competition, Mrs. Shanti Bhardwaj (Painting Artist) & Mr. Bhawani Singh-young promising painter from Dwarka chose the winners of the competition.Kuhu Verma, Mallika Kapri, Prakriti Tiwari got the first three position and Jahni Suman got the consolation prize under category-I. Divya Gahlot, Sahil Narayan, V.Dhiraj were among top three place and Akshay Gahlout got the consolation prize. Tirthak Saha, Shreya Manal, Rohan George were place chosen the best three painter and twins Deeksha and Megha Prasad won the consolation prize under the age category of 11-15 years. The winner were given attractive prizes by Dr.S.P.S.Bakshi-CMD-Bakson Group Mrs.Sangita Kadiyan-Principal-The Indian Heights School, Dwarka.Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services