UN Peace Special Day Videoconference at JMIS

As a “Child must learn to live for peace and with the peace from childhood “. In this context a week (from 22 Sep 2014 to 30 Sep) was fully devoted for PEACE by J M International School.” Various activities were planned during this week to make students understand the importance of peace in family, school, society, country and world. Videoconferencing is one of the ways to make this possible. Being a global citizen we must spread our message around the world too. For that the School has organised a multipoint videoconference on 23 September 2014(at 11:00am to 1:00pm) with the Millennium School UAE, Creative Kids System of School Pakistan and The Knowledge School Pakistan.

Following questions were asked by the facilitator and answered by the students of participating schools during the video conference:

Why is peace important for you?
Students Answered: The community will be more relevant
The improvement cannot be done without peace
If you cannot think clearly then you will not SEE CLEARLY
No peace, no friend
You have the right to say whatever you want, and it’s my right to agree or disagree with you

How can you support peace as a student?
Students Answered:
Be the first to spread peace
Use Face to Faith online community
Be a forgiving person
Talk about peace in magazines, radio, and social networks
We have to always support others to lead help lead them to the right path

Can peace be delivered using force?
Students Answered:
No, peace must come within the person himself rather than forcing them into anything including peace.

You have to act as a leader and follower so you can give a good example for others to follow, don’t just talk, and use your words to do action.

You can create a group about spreading the word about peace using the internet so you can reach as many people as possible.

After the dialog session students of JMIS sang a song “Heal the World” which was appreciated by all the participants including facilitator.

So it was a wonderful session experienced by Jmians. We look forward for more such activities in near future because it has provided an exciting new opportunity for students to dialogue with others from around the world.

Citizen’s Reporter: Vijaylaxmi