“Green’s in Peril” for a beautiful Dwarka

“Green’s in Peril” an interactive workshop was organised by Nature’s Hut on Saturday 21st January 2012 largely attended by Nature lovers from Dwarka including representatives from Sukh Dukh ke Saathi, ANHLGT, individuals, NGOs and Director (Hort) DDA etc.

Welcoming participants PK Datta stressed the need for knowledge-sharing and contributing towards sustainable growth of Dwarka in terms of work done by developmental agencies. Director (Hort) DDA explained reasons for termite infection and counter action undertaken and various other developmental schemes like Bharat Vandana Park and merciless pruning of trees etc.

Dr. UNB Rao, Chairman UVNAC complimented Horticulture Department for their excellent efforts in making Dwarka beautiful. Vijay Shankar Singh ex-DIG raised issues related to energy and water. Envionmentalist J K Mehta explained in details about solar energy and water. Mrs Kodiyan, Capt. SS Mann and others present appreciated the presentation on “Termite” by S K Malik and ”Journey into Nature” depicting different colours of Nature presented by PK Datta which took participants for a virtual journey through Nature.