GST Training Valedictory Function organized at HUDCO House

An In-House Training programme on “Goods & Services Tax (GST)” was organized at HUDCO House, HUDCO’s HSMI w.e.f. 18-19 December, 2018, with participation of HUDCO Officers from all Regional Offices spreading to length and breadth of the country from Jammu to Trivandrum.

 This programme was designed to cover various themes of GST such as the GST provisions with actual facts of HUDCO, the clarification on availment of input tax credit and its effective utilization, synchronization among various offices in terms of filing of GST return, input tax credit and reports on GST Audit.  An insight on the solution to the practical challenges in filing of GST return, compliance on documentary requirements and relatively new TDS provisions were also given.  The liability under reverse charge on HUDCO was also clarified.

 Dr. M. Ravi Kanth, (IAS-1987), Chairman & Managing Director, HUDCO enthused the participants to carry out GST related work in the Regional Offices diligently.  He further added that role of HUDCO is of immense importance to the progress of Nation and therefore all of us to put our best in our respective areas as the same is going to fuel progress in the country.