World Environment Day celebrated

SUKARMAN has been conducting environment conservation activities for last many years with persistence. Apart from awareness drives, plantation activities and promoting ecofriendly practices, the thrust has been on efforts towards waterbody revival. Drawing on the similar successful previous campaigns currently the team of youngsters, women and Old alike of SUKARMAN are working on a waterbody at sector 7 Dwarka.

The campaign on this particular site started on March 24th and since May 19th it has been converted into a daily activity where more and more residents are joining in to be part of this campaign. Set out with multiple objectives towards complete transformation it has already met partial success and is gradually moving towards ticking all the boxes before the onset of monsoon.On the 15th day of this daily activity i.e. on June 2nd Sunday, an interesting activity was conducted to also celebrate the world environment day. About 100 people joined to be part of the activity which included wall painting, creating a space for bird feed apart from digging and cleaning of the site.

Elders from the Agewell association also joined hands, I M khanna & other seniors pledged to keep supporting this camapaign. Mrs vipan Basrar a member of the EC of SUKARMAN told us that more such sites have been identified where similar efforts are required and campaigns for them are also being planned. Ashish & Brajesh also part of the organising team expressed happiness at the support and participation of local residents but hoped that more and more people could join the campaign to have a larger impact. All in all it looks like a success story in the making with community actively taking part for this important cause.