Guidelines on Health

Dr K. K. Aggarwal
Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee
President, Heart Care Foundation of India

In view of the rising incidence of various diseases, few guidelines for health were released

Keep your blood cholesterol less than 160 mg/dl. Even a 1% reduction in cholesterol reduces the chances of heart attack by 2%.

Uncontrolled diabetes and blood pressure can precipitate a heart attack. Keep these under check.
Eat less, walk more.

Regular exercise is good for health. The best exercise is ‘walking’, which should be brisker than brisk walking.

*Soya products are good for health. These should form an essential ingredient of the diet.

*Fruits are better than juices. Brown rice better than polished rice and jaggery better than white sugar. Eat a high-fiber diet.

* Driving and drinking do not go together.
* Pregnant women must not drink. It harms the baby in the womb.
* Get your health check-up done at least once in a year.
* Salt intake should be restricted.
* Avoid APC where A stands for achar, P for papad and C for chutney.