“Hard work, blessings of my parents & well wishers are my inspiration.” Sunil Chetri

Our Managing Editor S.S.Dogra spoke to Sunil Chetri-Captain of Indian Football team. Let’s check it out what Chetri shared with him. Excerpts:

What is the special feature of such camp?
The uniformity, the discipline, routine & practice session undertaken by the international players are the major feature of this camp. It can certainly change the life of budding footballers and encourage them to improve their game. Such camp may produce some good players for national and international level competition. 

What is your favourite position?
I like to play as striker in the game.

What is your international exposure?
Apart from representing India, I have an experience to play in America and Lesban & learnt lot of new things there. 

Who are your favourite footballers?
Of course, Ronaldo from Brazil and Massy are my role models in this game.

Any other sports person you like the most and why?
I am great fan of our legend cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Last month, I met him in a function and there I got an opportunity to chat him, I found that Sachin has a great passion for the game like a young player. I really impressed with him the way he thinks & how seriously he takes his cricket game. In my opinion he is not only a great player of cricket but also a great human being. That’s make him great player. I have high respect for other players also like Sania Nehwal, Leander Paes, Sushil Kumar & Vijay Kumar. 

Do you play any other game?
Yes. I like to play Table Tennis, badminton and Cricket also. I have great respect for almost all the games. 

Which was the turning point of your life?
Actually, I started to play football when I was in VI class in Army Public School. But I got the golden opportunity when I was in 12th class in Mamta Modern School, Vikas Puri, there I got an offer from Mohan Bagan(Prominent football club in India) that was the turning point of my football career. At that time only, I realized that I have the potential to do something extra ordinary in this game and rest is the history.

Why Football is much much behind then Cricket?
Actually, some reasons are responsible for them. We don’t have sufficient football grounds in the country. The playing condition during noon time is yet another set back for the game. 

What are remedy and suggestion to develop & make this game more popular in India. 
The parents support, good coaches, disciplined life style, defined practice session, devotion, hard work, passion about the game, good club and media support can do wonder for the upliftment of this game. These important factors can bring glory & can create history in the Indian football arena. There is no other alternative at all. 

How do you see the potential among the budding players?
Consistency, hard work, fitness, right efforts & planning etc. play very important role in player’s life. If you possess all these qualities then sky is the limit. With this passion only, you can achieve every thing in your life. 

Who is the inspiration force behind your successful career?
Hard work, blessings of my parents & well wishers are my inspiration.