NK Bagrodia Public School organized a cultural exchange program with College Emile Durkheim , Peujard , France

‘A concerted effort to preserve one’s culture and heritage is the foremost reason to have an exchange program.’ Keeping this notion lively, NK Bagrodia Public School, sector 4 Dwarka organized a cultural exchange program with College Emile Durkheim , Peujard , France from 24th April 2018 to 6th May 2018. Fifteen students along with two teachers (Mr. Karan and Ms. Anjana) were warmly greeted by the principal along with the staff of the reputed school in France. The students and the teachers were accommodated in the French families where they got to interact with the people and also shared their ideas and way of living with them as it is a proud and privileged moment for any country to know and gather new experiences by staying together. The students got a chance to interact with the other students and had interactive sessions during the whole course of the program. They had profound discussions about the lifestyle, cuisine , festivals’ celebrations and education system working in their country. A number of places were visited by the teachers and the students of our school to enrich their knowledge and information about the country and also to equip them with the importance of cultural exchange program. They punched the clock of the city by attending to famous places like Place des Quinconces, Place de la Bourse – Landmark square with a reflecting pool, Grand theatre de Bordeaux and Bordeaux Cathedral. 

The students were also greeted by the Mayor of Peujard along with his deputies. He gave a welcoming speech followed by a box of chocolates and a publication ‘Souvenir de Gironde’ to everyone. Not only this, our students along with learning new thoughts and ideas from students of France, also taught them some innovative Yoga methods which were then practiced and attempted by various students and also got a chance to get published in the newspaper because of their innovation and creativity in field of yoga . Keeping in view the fitness as an integral part of the entire exchange program, the students had a chance to play football, table tennis and also prepared for their favorite songs to perform dance in order to portray their talents. A lot of village visitations followed by family interactions were undertaken by the students of NK Bagrodia Public School. Saint Emilion is one of the most visited municipalities in France, and by luck and chance, our students got a visitation there as well.

Lastly, our students also had their leisure time where they got a chance to see all the beautiful and mesmerizing fascinations of France. They were also taken to Paris on the last day to make the trip even more memorable. It was a well planned and well organized event for the students as well as they learnt the various arts and cultures imbibing in the other countries like France. Also, we are looking forward for their visit to India in the month of September 2018 with full zeal and excitement and then we will get a chance to showcase our hospitality by making them stay in Indian families and gather new experiences by visiting our school. Therefore, it was a great learning experience for both the countries.