Heritage beyond Sunset – A Unique Photography Exhibition by Sushil Khandelwal.

There have been several exhibitions on pictures of monuments, the reason why this exhibition Heritage beyond sunset is distinct from others is the way in which the monuments have been captured with an additional majestic beauty of night and lights in it.

Heritage beyond sunset- showcases photographs of monuments from across the country-India, mainly from the capital city Delhi. What makes the photographs unique is the fact that for almost all the monuments the public view is closed after 6 pm and it requires special permission to get into the premises. That is the time when they are lit with artificial lighting to give it an additional charm and charismatic effect and so most of them haven’t been able to catch the eyes of people.

Keeping the very view, Sushil took it up as a subject for this exhibition and he decided to capture the monuments with a different perspective and feel in it, which he believes, it’s a unique exhibition.

Profile-Sushil Khandelwal

His relationship with the camera goes back to almost 25 years. He began a journey of image making, striving to capture a sense of order, balance and harmony in whatever caught his eye, which was initially his passion. He used to help his father at the age of 12 only, his father is also a retired photographer.Through the camera lens, he discovered a level of perception hitherto unknown to him—a way of seeing that was more alive, alert and complete. He learned the skill of photography in the year 1982 at The Modern Institute of Photography, under the guidance of Shri T. Kasinath. Sushil is versatile in style with a natural eye for colour, tone and composition and is truly a fine art photographer possessing great talent. Started with black & white photography and graduated first to colour then digital photography, experiencing the three different phases of photography.

Presently, working with School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi known as (SPA). Specialized in Architectural & Industrial photography also possesses a skilled hand in Product, Interiors and Portraits.He has a love of capturing nature and landscape, which has been on his list since he started doing travel photography. He is also co-author of the book, A Guide to Photography.