Thanks a lot to Dwarkaites

Dear Dwarka Parichay Team, Members of Dwarka Forum Dwarka residents & Dear friends,

Let me say at the outset-Thank you very much, for the greetings, kind words & warm wishes on my receiving the CID gallantry Award.Your words means `world`to me & I consider myself lucky to be a resident of DWARKA.
This Award, I, dedicate to all Dwarkaites. This has been possible because of good values instilled in me, by my respected parents, affection & firm support of my family members & good wishes of dear friends like you.

But, more than any Award,bringing the Change for the better, in our Dwarka in particular & Delhi, in general means, more to me.

I have a few suggestions-

Regular Talks/ activities related to role of values & ethics in good family values/neighbourly relations/good colony/management/governance in various schools/institutes of Dwarka, RWAs, TWAs/civil-society groups etc., need to be organised on regular basis. Dwarka Parichay, Dwarka Forum, Dwarka City can co-ordinate this, by taking up with various schools/institutes [located in Dwarka] Principals/Directors.
Count me in for giving/organising the Talks

Identifying Heroes of Dwarka – from various sections once or twice a year i/c the govt officials who are doing exemplary jobs & feting them in public functions who then share their experiences. They will then be ROLE Models.

Organising essay Competitions/debates/dramas/cultural activities/sports etc etc.

I feel, this will help in making DWARKA a Friendly & HEALTHY neighborhood/sub-city.

With my best wishes,
Vijay K. Saluja Please send your suggestions/ participation for this project to :

Talk on`Role of Values & Ethics in Good Governance of Cities`, by Vijay K Saluja in March 2010.Pride of Dwarka – Mr. Vijay K Saluja ( click for profile)Comments from Dwarka residents:

*Hearties Congratulations for being awarded for SOCIAL BRAVERY. We are proud of you. – Rejimon C K

*Certainly it is a matter of pride for all of us. Congratulation to Mr.Saluja. – Sushil

*Heartiest Congratulations to Mr Saluja. His example is inspiring and encouraging. – Yashwant Prakash

*Heartiest congratulation for your act of bravery and reward for the same. – Arvind Agrawal

*Heartiest congratulation to Sh Vijay Saluja from Ekta RWA , Sec-3. – Madhuri Varshney

*Congratulations to Mr. Vijay K. Saluja. He alone fought against corruption against the system in NDMC, suffered for 22 years and finally won due to his conviction. Thanks to Dwarka Parichay for introducing such personality to all of us for our guidance. – M.K.Gupta

*MY Warm Congratulations to you, Mr. Vijay K. Saluja. You richly deserve the Award. See, Finally you made it. You won the battle against Corruption and in spite of all the odds. You are a great person among the millions of pygmies living in our society/country. India and Indian Citizens need more such exemplary young men like you to really bring about the needed transformation of our country and society. May God bless you with long life of health, wealth and prosperity and help you to continue the good work you have been doing with firm faith, commitment and honesty. On this occasion I also send you warm greetings on our Republic Day. Let Long Live, Republic of India with head high in the comity of Nations. – W.V.G.Venkata Ramana

*This is such a heart-warming news. When you are ‘surrounded by the rampant corruption, instead of going with the flow’, choosing ‘to swim against the corruption in the system’ requires sheer bravery. The fact that Sri Saluja continued his battle in spite of ‘hostile work environment, financial instability, mental and physical stress and even death threats’ is heroic. Hats off to a brave heart! We need men like Sri Saluja in every govt. deptt. to bring about meaningful changes. Kind regards. – Rajendra K Goel