Illegal naming of roads & streets etc.

We have noticed in many places some arbitrary boards indicating some place name are fixed by some people, are they not unauthorized and should be removed e.g near my residence there are 3 boards suddenly fixed up with name of PARK ROYAL CHOWK, whereas it is neither a chowk nor this society any great landmark that it should give its name to the surrounding area.
I think since dwarka is divided into sectors, even the roads should have some numbers or names of India’s famous historic or geographical names e.g rivers, mountains etc. and the streets can be simply numbered.
I personally have no objection but are they not same family over & over again? Look there will always be controversies with political leader and that too the living ones. We should try to avoid the political names, guess there cannot be any controversy in naming after either Numbers (Road no. Alfa 200, Street no. 5), or Geographical bodies like Rivers, mountains etc. e.g Ganga, Kaveri, Godavari, Everest, Kamet, Bhrigu, Gangotri, Siachen or eminent artists or Patriots like Tagore, Bismillah, Bose, Bhagat Singh etc.
What are the general views?
It would be quite effective if an RTI to be sent by someone / on behalf of RWA to concerned department DDA/MCD/etc regarding defacement. There is illegal hoarding / banner is increasing day by day in Dwarka..
anil nayal
I agree we need to take up with DDA .Naming of public areas & roads are within the domain of DDA or municipalities
V. Krishnamurthy
Idea is good but who will accept it.However,there is no harm in taking efforts.Must forward this to appropriate authority.
The idea of naming the roads are good, but it should not be after the names of politians. It should resemble to either to a Society name or to Indian/Delhi history.
There is no point in making hulla gulla on an issue, which is not in our hand. wait for some time the MCD will name these roads with names of some politicians or their relatives name in around the urban villages very soon. AAM ADMI have no say. Nor there is any policy and won’t be any policy.All roads have a number allotted by DDA, if one could see the DDA installed maps. Naming and RENAMING is process been happening in our country and will continue. There are many other issue which we may take up.
For exampl Delhi Govt passed(not notified yet) The Delhi Defacement Act 2007. This would help us to remove hoaring, banners, posters all around in Delh and particularly in Subcity. we made already a request to DDA to have a DESIGNATED public display board so who so ever wish he may use that board instead of posting all around city. WDYT>?

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