The power of the masses

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

The leading and able members of society should come forward to help resolve the problems world is facing today. It is actually them who have made this mess in the first place. Therefore, they should and must put it right. They should show their magnanimity by refilling the hole they have dug up. However, they don’t seem to be doing so. It seems that they neither want to help nor even wish to hear anything about it. They have clearly shown their apathy and attitude of incapability as if they can do nothing about it.

When we go to each and every household to raise public awareness (about the crucial period of change we are going through now), we have to let people know that all the lower courts of law (i.e. institutions, organizations, administrations, etc. which have power to do something) have failed to deliver justice to humankind, its glory and resolves. They are unable to give it a fair treatment or even some consolation. The Supreme Court, i.e. the public itself is now the only glimmer of hope. Only they can do something about the survival of humanity and safeguarding the future of the world.

A lioness may be seen nursing many cubs. It may look as if her vitality is getting drained away and she might not remain strong enough to do anything worthwhile but in reality, she would fiercely defend herself against anyone who dares to disturb her. Nursing so many cubs doesn’t make her so weak that she can’t even hunt or defend. People’s power can be likened to a lioness. It feeds (i.e. provides the means of survival to) government administration, the institution of religion, rich people, literature field, intellectuals, artists and, even robbers and criminals. Corruptions and undesirable elements of all kinds have also been eating into it. However, none should ever think that the people’s power has lost its strength. It is still strong enough to be able to resolve unworthy tendency prevailing in society and nurture the worthy ones.

The scholars of humanity truly understand the sheer size, strength and capability of people’s power. It is impossible to speculate its infinite capability. Gayatri Pariwar’s Pragya Abhiyan movement has resolved to seek the help of people’s power to deal with worldwide calamities and to establish a bright future for all. It has made it known that they will go to the masses for whatever help and resources it needs to realize its mega-plan of the change of the era. The masses being like a wish tree would definitely grant it anything that is asked for.

Translated from – Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s work – Yug Nirman Yojna