Zee TV announces the winner Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs

Prembabu Sharma

The most popular musical extravaganza on Indian Television has finally concluded with a nail biting finish. Among the three finalists – Salman Ali from Haryana, Azmat Hussain from Jaipur and Nitin Kumar from Himachal Pradesh; Azmat Hussain was declared as the L’il Champ of 2011 by millions of viewers.

The Grand Finale of Hero Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs marked the end of a thrilling musical journey for 18 super-talented kids from across the country, who dazzled your TV screens with performances that established them as superlative forces in the arena of sur and taal. The highlights of the evening included Azmat’s spectacular Robot act where he loses his memory and sings Main Aisa Kyun Hun. The world’s fastest keyboard player, Adnan Sami played a tribute to the great Shammi Kapoor leaving the audiences spellbound. The crowd went berserk as Superstar Shah Rukh Khan made his entry swaying to the latest chartbuster, Chamak Challo. Chief guest, Shah Rukh Khan made all the finalists sing a song of his choice. The face-off between the three finalists and a befitting final act at the Grand Finale was one that had audiences rooting for more!

Crowds thronged the venue of the Grand Finale, Surat International Exhibition and Convention Centre. The decibel level at the venue skyrocketed the moment King Khan stepped on stage; spoke about his upcoming movie Ra. One and finally crowned Azmat Hussain as the winner of the season. The evening had plenty of comic relief, masti and mischief courtesy popular hosts, Jay Soni and Manish Paul.

Commenting on the occasion of the Grand Finale, Mr. Ajay Bhalwankar, Content Head, Hindi Channels, said, “Heartiest Congratulations to Azmat Hussain. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, as an iconic brand, has set new benchmarks in the realms of reality programming. The superlative talent that Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has brought forth, across its seasons, is unmatched on Indian television. Groomed by mentors Kailash Kher, Javed Ali and Adnan Sami in this season, the li’l kids matured not only as better singers but also as overall performers, delivering one outstanding performance after another. The presence of Mahaguru Alka Yagnik made the show all the more memorable. My best wishes to all the finalists for their future endeavors. With the end of Hero Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs, the audience can now look forward to seeing the biggest television stars compete for the first time as singers in a unique home grown format, ‘Star Ya Rockstar’ that premieres on October 8 at 8 30 pm .”

The contestants received a global platform and the golden opportunity to showcase their talent and have today become household names.

Guru Kailash Kher summed it all up saying, “In the latest season, the challenge for the contestants was to emerge as performers and not just good singers. Given the fact that all the 18 contestants were fabulous singers in their chosen genres, the competition was always stiff and at no point in the competition could the contestants take it easy. I genuinely believe that the mentors as well as each of our Li’l Champ have done a marvelous job in bringing alive the euphoria associated with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champ as a brand. Here’s wishing Azmat heartiest congratulations on his victory and my blessings for a fantastic future!”