Inadequate supply of water in Pocket-10, Nasirpur, Dwarka

Dear Sir,

We want to draw your kind attention that the around 25-30 flats of Pocket-10, Nasirpur Dwarka are not getting adequate water supply from last 3 years . We get supply sometime for 5-10 minutes in 24 hours or sometime no supply at all.

We are surviving on private tankers.

For the last three years residents are complaining about water problem to area engineer and JE of this pocket. They are not doing any serious efforts in this regard. From last two years, they are saying that tender is passed and work will start soon, but even after two years no work started, no survey conducted nothing in field . The Pipe lines are around 20-25 years old and no maintenance have been done so far.

Our families’ are becoming sick and their daily lives are like hell due to facing this water problem. Some of the adjacent neighbors’ have already sold their flats or change the residence due to water problem. Sometimes we also feel that it is better to sell this house and shift to Illegal colony at least they get Water .

We are questioning the JE, why are you  not listening our problem, and asking to do needful on priority basis.

Your Sincerely

Resident of DDA flat, Pocket-10,
Nasirpur, Dwarka