(Admissions Open – Nursery to Class VI)

Ethos & Ideology
“Education is the most powerful means of bringing change” Nelson Mandela

Gyanam Brahmam’ the motto of our school literally means Knowledge is Universe. We realize how important education is, especially for children as knowledge is one’s constant companion.

From The Chairman
If the school sends out children with a desire for knowledge and some idea of how to acquire and use it, it will have done its work.

We will equip students with all essential intellectual and practical skills which will help them in creating a niche for themselves in their careers. However, children not only need to be successful professionally but personally also. So they need to understand the Indian culture and realize the importance of values like sharing, caring, respect for elders etc. At the Indian Heights we will inculcate these values in our students.

Principal’s Message

It is the dream of every parent and every teacher to find a school that will not just teach their children, but will encourage them to learn. We are a school that seeks to promote egalitarianism in every field, a school that is very much in touch with our cultural heritage even as it aims to cultivate global citizens.
Education for us is important, but not just rote learning. Education is the overall blossoming and growth of the child into a complete, well rounded personality.

‘Aristotle was asked how much educated men were superior to the uneducated. As much, said he, as the living are to the dead.’ Diogenes Laertus

Managing Committee
The foundation of this school has been laid by the Bhagwati Devi Foundation. Some eminent educationist are a part of the Managing Committee. These people are a constant source of inspiration and guide us with their ideas. To name a few:

Ex – director of education
Sh Arvind Biswas
Ex Additional Director of Education
Sh Y.P Purang
Ex deputy director of education
Sh J.C aggrawal
Sh N.S Verma
Sh B. D Pant
Former Secretary CBSE
Sh R.C Gupta
Former Assistant Commissioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
Sh Kartar Singh.

Our Special Features
 Air-conditioned classrooms
 Yoga & meditation
 Art & craft
 Confidence building/public speaking
 Performing arts
 Value Education
 Life Skills
 International exchange programmes
 Activity based learning
 Physical education and games
 Socially responsible citizens
 Environmental awareness
 Excursions and trips
 Formation of scientific temperament
 Highly qualified and sensitized faculty
 Computer aided learning in each classroom
 LCD T.V”s in each class room
 E-learning with Internet in every class room
 Bookshop & uniform counter within school premises
 Well equipped resource centre
 Extensive library
 Audio visual room
 Lawn Tennis courts
 Basketball area
 School owned ac transport

We believe each child is special and has strengths that just need a little boosting to help the child achieve his worth.

The child who studies at The Indian Heights develops into :-
A thinker, when he or she develops theories of cause and effect, sorts and classifies, and shows interest in big ideas.
A communicator, when he or she engages in discourse, manages social interactions and expresses thoughts through verbal and graphic languages.
A path finder when he or she tries new ways of doing things.
Knowledgeable, when he or she knows and understands significant content.
Principled, when he or she begins to see another child’s point of view, is honest and begins to show a sense of fairness.
Caring, when he or she shows sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of others, and is able to be a part of a community of learners.
Open-minded, when he or she is open to new experiences and to the beliefs and ideas of other children.
Balanced, when he or she enjoy partaking in a variety of activities, and various different groupings.
Reflective, when he or she is able to think about behaviour and, if necessary, work on strategies for change.

The Learner Profile drives the curriculum and represents the qualities of internationalism, which we hope will come to characterize our pupils.

The Indian Heights School
Sector – 23, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075
Ph: 45586511/ 2/ 3
Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information services
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