Happy Birthday Ma – The Mother’s birthday on the 21st of February

O with what joy do I remember Thee!
And with what infinite gratitude recall
Thy all-embracing look, Thy wondrous smile,
Thy widening Peace—Thy eternal quietude.
O Grace, most splendidly divine and rare!
O radiant Form! take my aspiring flame
And make of it—part of Thy atmosphere.
Now from my heart a mighty river flows,
Welling from depths unknown, from heights unseen
Falling in cascades of translucent light,
Filling the valleys of the awakening soul;
Flooding the Pathway leading back to Thee,
Back to Thy sea of Love, Thy ocean vasts—
Lost in the Bliss of Thy Eternity.
(Remembrance of the Mother, Norman Dowsett, 1954)