M. K. Gupta

Amit, an applicant who submitted only one application for the DDA Housing Scheme has unfortunately been doubted of submitting multiple applications. DDA informed him that his application form No. 0229652 has matched with form number 458528 and asked him to submit indemnity bond, PAN Card etc. for the verification of genuineness and eligibility for refund. He submitted these documents on 4th February.
In fact, there was no doubt between the two forms as only the name of Amit’s wife was matched with the aforesaid application but all other details such as father/ husband’s name of both the applicants, address etc. were altogether different.
He was surprised when he received Rs. 1,45,000/- against the registration money of Rs. 1,50,000/- deposited by him. A penalty of Rs. 5,000/- was imposed while he should have been paid 5 per cent simple interest on the registration money in terms of the clause 10 of the scheme. This clause states that if the registration money is not refunded within three months from the closure of the scheme, in case of unsuccessful applicants, simple interest @ 5% will be paid for the period beyond three months after the closure of the scheme.”
According to media reports (Navbharat Times), in the inquiry, out of 2960 applicants, 1700 applicants have submitted only one application, while 1200 have submitted two applications and 60 have not submitted PAN card along with the application. This is despite the fact that the DDA has earned interest on about Rs. 44.4 crore. (Rs. 1,50,000×2960). Till date, the DDA has not informed him about the grounds of imposing the penalty in response to the RTI application of the aggrieved.

To add to his miseries, DDA is not replying to his RTI application to give proof that he has submitted multiple applications. Amit has already given the indemnity bond stating that he has not submitted multiple applications. Now, he has asked about the status and findings of the inquiry. The question remains that how he can prove that he has not submitted more than one application?
About 1600 applicants were doubted of submitting multiple applications but the DDA is not disclosing the findings of inquiry. DDA may have imposed the penalty on the remaining applicants forgetting giving interest on registration money in terms of the rules of the scheme.