CME on cancer held by BLK Hospital

A team of doctors from BLK Super Speciality Hospital conducted a CME on Cancer. The said CME was organized in association with Dwarka Diabetic Association. BLK Cancer Centre, Sr. consultant-Dept of Medical Oncology-Director bone Marrow transplantation were the main speakers. Dr. Amitabh Khanna-President of the Dwarka Diabetic Associatioon, introduced the speakers and anchored the CME.

 The following topics: Cancer facts, various kinds of cancer, surgical medical radiation, surgical oncology, technical advancement, type of specialist & completion of staging, survival in advance OC, Medical Oncology, RA, Paediatric oncology, future treatment, cancer care. CRT, 3DCRT, IMRT, IGRT, SRS SRT, Bone marrow/stem cell, transplantation, types of transplant, BMT steps indications, etc. were discussed during the CME. The said CME was attended by more than fifty doctors.