International Exchance Programme at R.D. Rajpal School

A truly progressive dimension for the school was Principal Alka Kshatriya’s visit to the Learning Community Charter School in Jersey City, USA with a view to initiate a collaborative learning plan at international level. She found the core values like community, independence, courage, respect and leadership qualities were the same as promoted by R.D. Rajpal School, Dwarka and was invited by LCC to join the collaborative effort. 

Principal Alka Kshatriya held valuable interactive sessions with the teachers and students there and learnt a lot about implementing innovative ideas. Her presentation on India in all the splendour and richness of the country’s culture and heritage was an eye-opener to the students and teachers. She observed lessons in progress which impressed her for their multi-tasking activities that helped to develop independent thinking of the learners. She was full of appreciation for the dance by all the students to the Indian song “Jai Ho”. It was an emotionally moving moment for her to hear our ‘National Anthem’ sung by Americans.