ANHLGT organised a tree planting in Dwarka

ANHLGT has organised a tree planting Programme on 23rd July 2016 in sector 23. Mr Mahesh, Municiple Councellor Matiala Constituancy launched the planting of 40 plants in thr area. More than 100 residents enthusiastically participated and planted the plants. 

Smt. Cicily Kodiyan welcomed the Councillor Smt Sunita Dutta presented to the councillor with bouque.  She Registered the people to adopt each of the plant. They ready and put their names on their plants. Mr. Omveer Singh, section officer S.D.M.C with his staff was doing the maintenance of the park cutting grass, trimming plants and pruning the trees.

The residents have formed 97 a group of members for maintenance & monitoring of parks in the area. Mr. Vinod Chopra from Dwarka Dham selected as leader and Mrs. Madhu Gupta and Laxmi as assistance. They have noted down the Park Lovers names, address and telephone numbers for the next monthly meeting to improve the park.