International Women Day Celebrations with 60 min. Mock drill of Self Defence Service

 Rakesh Manchanda

Delhi celebrated the International Women Day with middle class coming out in parks in large numbers organised with their RWAs for Police officers giving the first hand lessons to women participants on self defense and overcoming the gender fear to remain equal with constitutional provisions like Article14&15(3).

Police in any democratic country continues to be the first `street smart` agent to protect the Human Rights of a common man. Take any problem from stolen mobile, snatched handbags, to a missing passport, to jumping of traffic rights, to denial of home loan by bankers, to murder, to rape we just cannot jump and ignore the police network in a civil society.

There are majority of honest cops still in police system or perhaps Delhi Police today is fighting hard to build a new image with a new peoples friendly makeup.

Delhi Police Dress up for a better image on International Women day is not coincidence. This joint activity is reported as a weekly get together with an informal Jansunvai-Peoples Parliament where Police comes to RWAs and gets gelled up with a learning task like Self defence.

Sample one such 60 minute gathering in Hargovind Enclave Park behind Gurudwara where young and elderly women participated and enjoyed the fun and interaction.

Paritosh Mathur recipient of the Samaj Ratan Delhi Award along with his team and another black belt and Delhi Ratan Awardee Naresh Sharma took pains to sketch confidence and courage. Interactive intervals in the drill are helpful as the participants are told to forget their age and gender, remain calm and focus only on achieving the best from the drill.

After the drill on marshal arts by Paritosh Mathur a AAP activist the Anand Vihar SHO along with his team addressed the incident of the participants that ranged from chain snatching and robbery on the road side near the daily work routes.

Police, Public, Politician and Parliament all 4 Ps are inseparable. Before a new system is born the labour pain and bleeding is absolutely normal. PTI during old 49 days AAP rule reported that lower level police officials were with AAP. Two former top government officials, including a bureaucrat, was asked then to help the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi realise its promise of ‘swaraj’ and monitor the anti-corruption helpline for the people at a token salary Re 1/- each. Former Delhi Police joint commissioner N. Dilip Kumar, who was to monitor the AAP government’s anti- corruption helpline to nab bribe takers, also agreed to draw Rs. 1 per month as ‘symbolic amount’.

AK-67 in its new avatar-2 has still to send similar Governance vibrations at ground zero.

In any situation Police still avoids to register the FIR like chain snatching and eve teasing as the first incidence report.

Why ?

To protect the `anarchy of the system` under the good governance mask mask and to earn bribe as profit out of this situation. Many policemen off the record claim having paid 50 lac to get posted on the station of their choice and auction of police station posting is an open secret. A police officer in East Delhi with request not to be named tells how the lower police wallas have to be on duty at times for more then 18 hours without a replacement.

People`s backing of law and monitoring of police in the need-supply engagement is a must for a safe Delhi. If laws are applied correctly fast justice supported by distribution of wealth generated can deliver more work as a team. This shall ensure lesser Police to Public conflicts. Better governance with no `Politician-Police politics` and no protests is possible. Politicians at large must stop nursing the governance of 1% people by using police as a tool of extortion during conflict management.

Only constructive participation of people, more decent jobs, safe roads and effective laws with speed justice can stop police misplaced politics. Logically discipline must start at the bottom and maintained at the top was the agreement after the drill by Anand Vihar SHO-Arjun Singh.

Another Policeman from Anand Vihar gave quick guidelines for Parents, children and Homemakers with the points on Do`s and Don`ts. Inspector Arjun Singh is seen requesting the women participants to download the HIMMAT aaps in aneroid mobile which he claims can start recoding the event by a victim in any emergency by just shaking the mobile.

‘Himmat’, a mobile application of Delhi Police that will allow women to send a distress call to Police Control Room and their relatives in case of any emergency is already delivering results claimed SHO-Arjun Singh.

Outsourcing help by people protest should be allowed only when in emergency needs external blood which means when there is a police and hospital deadlock and the government institute refuses to deliver support.

Women Helplines No in Delhi remain-1091/181.

What supp Helpline No for women safety is 8800001091.

Delhi Government `funda` of Swaraj stands a future test. People including women need to be self dependent. Getting united on common issues after understanding the `unity` of their own `body organs` can holistically help the women participants in recognising their unused power from self to society.

Active participation of people including women can help bring a change and bring police under new future collective control of both Delhi State and Central Government of India for `Seva` and betterment