Invitation for Police Public Meeting on Tuesday, 12th April 2011 at 1600 Hrs in CCRT Sector-7, Dwarka

Invitation for Police Public Meeting
Date: Tuesday, 12th April 2011 at 1600 Hrs
Venue: CCRT Auditorium, Sector 7, Dwarka

Please bring written complaints if any RWA/CGHS/Citizen may have directly hand over to DCP Mr. Anil Kr. Ohja.
Some issues are :
  1. Law and Order         Current Law and Order issues.                       
  2. Beat Constable and Division Officers   All the RWA/CGHS/MTA need to establish contact with BC &DO.The DCP SW/Addl DCP/ACP need to share what are the ROLES, Taks, Objectives or Duties assigned to Beat Constables and Patrolling Staffs
  3. Servant/Tenant Verification Issues The improvement of Servant Verification for all Dwarka Complex. The Tenants are still occupied. The DCP to direct staffs to be strict with those engaging tenants without out verification use the CP Order to book defaulters. Formal letter from DCP to all RWAs to collect data and those who not cooperating with Tenaent Verification DP to assist the RWA in Counselling.
  4. CCTV at Markets and Entry-Exits of Dwarka     The CCTV for Sect 6/10 resolved now we look forward for Markets Like Sector 4/5/11/12 and Ramphal Chowk. The Private Builder Malls and complex be advised to put their own CCTV(Sect 22/23/Sect 7/19 etc)
  5. Guide Lines issued to CGHS/RWA implementation         Updated Guidelines to CGHS/RWA management on Security
  6. Encroachments in Markets, Roads, Pedestrain Paths:Dwarka Markets have become very vulnerable to Encroachments. This is not possible with the help of concerned Beat Constables at the markets. RWA and citizen fail to understand inspite of CCTV Recordings available to senior officils why this Encroachments are not STOPPED ?
    The Patrolling and Beat Constable see a large number of Encroachments on Pedestrain Paths with unauthorised HAWKERS. We fail to understand why they close an eye on this matter.
    Dwarka have enough market build up area for all kind of business, so why PUBLIC Utitility areas are FREE way for Illegal business?
  7. Traffic Police:
    Particpation of the TI-Traffic and ACP Traffic to this meeting also desired to deal with Traffic related to matter.
    Progress on Signal Lights as per RWA/Delhi Police requests based on accidents and observations.
    Illegal Parking
    Non availability of Reserved Parking in Malls.
  8. JOINT Meeting with DDA/MCD and Delhi Police Officers
    Dwarka Forum suggest tohave an early meeting with officials of the DDA/MCD and Police Officials.
Look forward seeing you all RWA/CGHS/MTA Members for constructive discussion and meeting.
The Participation of Public is desired in large numbers.
Dwarka Forum/ Dwarka Parichay