“The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness” – Sakyong Mipham

Sri Venkateshwar International School, in keeping up with its motto of inculcating Shri through Values, Strength and Integrity; zealously took up the responsibility of organising wonderful virtual sessions for its staff, students and parents fraternity. This was preceded by two week long special Yoga sessions.

Classes PS-VIII practiced various asanas like Tadasana, Trikonasana, Mandukasana, Gomukhasana, etc. , understanding simultaneously their positive effects and precautions to be undertaken while performing them. They were guided by Ms Poonam – HoD Yoga, Kayna Dhingra of Class XI- President Yoga Club, Lavanya Hazare Vice President- Yoga Club of Class IX, Vani Joshi Activity Coordinator from the Batch of 2021, Head Wings- Ms Vineet Tomer, Ms Renuka and Ms Avneet, Ms Madhvi, Ms Nidhi Joshi and others, who worked hard to make the day memorable.

Classes IX-XII had the opportunity to share the platform with the experienced Senior faculty members from the Art of Living Foundation. Not only were the students and teachers taken through a strenuous and absolutely delightful session of ice breaker games, Surya namaskars and swift yogic asanas , but they were also given a taste of beautiful stillness within at the end of the rigorous practice session through yoga nidra.

The IYD event 2021 ended with inspiring words from Ms Renu Dua, AOL faculty and Principal, Government school, Our fitness enthusiasts – Dhruv Bajaj, Shreya Tetarway, Khyati and Vamika Chaudhary and our Co Learner Ms Nita Arora who highly appreciated the gathering and motivated all to practice yoga regularly for astounding health and happiness. She laid special stress on making breathing exercises an integral part of our daily lives, in order to strengthen our lung capacity and hence increase our immunity against the current pandemic. Ms Ushma Activity Incharge, Vice Principal Mr Anuj Manchanda, Ms Kiran Bala Sharma, Mr Basant managed the event very well.
SVIS is truly a family that cares and likes to hold together all its stakeholders-the children, parents, staff; affectionately and strongly, not just through academics but through almost all parameters that touch our lives.