JMians promise road safe Delhi, fit Delhi

The atmosphere was filled with verve and vibrancy when the students of J M International School, Dwarka, shouted slogans like “Push the Paddle, to save the Planet”, “Let’s take a step towards healthy and pollution free Delhi”. J M International School as a part of the Bharat positive, a social initiative organized Cyclathon: A Road Safety Campaign to create awareness among the commuters about varied issues including road safety, pollution, fuel economy and health benefits. Enthusiastic students presented a vibrant Dance Mob Show at the Dwarka Sector 1, Zebra Crossing and tied Safety Bands with a message, “I Promise Road Safety. I’m Bharat Positive”, on the wrists of the commuters so that the message reaches out to more and more people. The initiative was cheered by everyone including commuters, teachers and parents. A teacher expressed her joy and shared, “We do not ride bicycles these days but after this initiative we would all be motivated.” The event concluded with the promise of road safety and making Bharat Positive.